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  1. Got a little more done around the edge than I would like but was still pretty darn good. Next time I’ll wait and sear at 120 internal instead of 110
  2. Thanks! I went ahead and wrapped it double layer of foil and put it back on the grill with thermometer
  3. It’s looks moist right now
  4. Thanks. I already shut the vents. It’s holding internal temp of 152. When it starts to drop I will put it in cooler to hold. I was wanting this to be sliced roast with gravy and mashed tators.
  5. Yeah it feels pretty tender except for the thickness part in the center. Wonder how long I can hold this above 140? This is for dinner tonight I’ve held pork butts for 4 hours
  6. I put a shoulder roast on about an hour ago. Kamado at 225. This roast looks like a big ole steak about 1 1/2 thick. I’m confused on what the internal temp should be when done. Been searching for answers and I’m seeing anywhere from 140 to 180. It’s only been on an hour and internal temp is already 148. I thought it should take at least 4 hours. Is this roast just not thick enough
  7. Timtogrill

    Wifi / cloud based controllers

    Fireboard user here with all the accessories, it’s great!
  8. Timtogrill

    Smoked prime rib

    I have a prime rib in the freezer, those pics makes me want to start the thawing process!
  9. Timtogrill

    Loaded kamado?

    I think I'm going to smoke the butts this weekend. It's a little more work having to vac seal two 8lb butts but it will be less work the day of the party. I shouldn't need to freeze them I don't think, so it won't take as long to boil. If meat will keep in a cooler for up to four hrs, I figure I would have a four hour window to have butts and brisket ready, so I would have a timing issue also. I'm planning on putting the brisket on around 10 pm Saturday hopefully to be ready in that 4hr window before we eat at 4 pm on Sunday.
  10. Timtogrill

    Loaded kamado?

    Thanks BobE I appreciate that.
  11. Timtogrill

    Loaded kamado?

    I wondered about that and it shouldn't cool the meat down because it's warm juices. @gpb That's not a bad idea at all. I do that now for just me and the wife and it's just like it came off the bone. Your right I don't want to be pulling bbq when I could be enjoying the time with family and friends.
  12. Timtogrill

    Loaded kamado?

    Planning a cook in about two weeks for my dad's 90th birthday. I have a 16lb whole brisket and two 8lb butts in the freezer I'm thawing out and going to smoke this for the dinner to feed about 50 people. I can get all this in the PrimoXL no problem. Wondering if it be ok for the butts to drip juices on the brisket during the cook?
  13. Timtogrill

    I am sold on reverse sear

    Good looking filet txbullets. I reverse sear all my steaks including inch and a half ribeye. I get a more medium throughout than just cooking hot. Don't care for added smoke on them though, that don't work on steak for me.
  14. Timtogrill

    What causes dry ribs?

    What's the toothpick test? Use it like a probe to check for tenderness?