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  1. Smoked prime rib

    I have a prime rib in the freezer, those pics makes me want to start the thawing process!
  2. Loaded kamado?

    I think I'm going to smoke the butts this weekend. It's a little more work having to vac seal two 8lb butts but it will be less work the day of the party. I shouldn't need to freeze them I don't think, so it won't take as long to boil. If meat will keep in a cooler for up to four hrs, I figure I would have a four hour window to have butts and brisket ready, so I would have a timing issue also. I'm planning on putting the brisket on around 10 pm Saturday hopefully to be ready in that 4hr window before we eat at 4 pm on Sunday.
  3. Loaded kamado?

    Planning a cook in about two weeks for my dad's 90th birthday. I have a 16lb whole brisket and two 8lb butts in the freezer I'm thawing out and going to smoke this for the dinner to feed about 50 people. I can get all this in the PrimoXL no problem. Wondering if it be ok for the butts to drip juices on the brisket during the cook?
  4. Loaded kamado?

    Thanks BobE I appreciate that.
  5. Loaded kamado?

    I wondered about that and it shouldn't cool the meat down because it's warm juices. @gpb That's not a bad idea at all. I do that now for just me and the wife and it's just like it came off the bone. Your right I don't want to be pulling bbq when I could be enjoying the time with family and friends.
  6. First time in a long time my ribs came out dry. They were tender and with good bark texture and great taste but dry. The only thing I did different, I usually dry brine with salt the day before but this time I used Head Country rub, which has salt so I didn't brine. The only time I wrapped with foil midway through the cook, it seemed to give the bark a soft texture I didn't care for so I never tried foil wrapping again. I check doneness by picking the rib up with tongs and see if the bark breaks. If it does I apply BBQ sauce and leave them on until that caramelizes, about 30 minutes. Usually wrap in foil and towels 1 to 2 hours or until ready to eat. I didn't do that either this time, ran out of time so we pulled them off and dug in. I'm not a big fan of "fall of the bone' ribs but moisture, good firm bark and tenderness is a must. Suggestions needed.
  7. I am sold on reverse sear

    Good looking filet txbullets. I reverse sear all my steaks including inch and a half ribeye. I get a more medium throughout than just cooking hot. Don't care for added smoke on them though, that don't work on steak for me.
  8. What causes dry ribs?

    What's the toothpick test? Use it like a probe to check for tenderness?
  9. What causes dry ribs?

    Just now checking back in, thanks for the responses. I originally posted the ribs cooked for 4 hrs. I just checked the Fireboard session and looks like actual time on was 6 hrs I can tell by the graph I first started checking them at 3:00, went on at 12:30. Checked again at 3:45 and then every 30 minutes until 6:00 when they finally broke from the bend test. Applied sauce and removed them 30 minutes later. The bend test has always seemed to work for me. Up until one finally broke, I could hold less than half of it with tongs and the other half would barley bow. Is this the correct way to do it?
  10. What causes dry ribs?

    I forgot to add the Primo stayed steady @ 225 grate temp for about 4 hrs, meaty baby back ribs.
  11. Digital thermometer choices

    It was a blower that I used for an Auber fan controller. That controller is a very dependable unit, just not user friendly.
  12. Digital thermometer choices

    I started out with some cheap wireless meat and grill thermometer from Lowe's that was a waste of a $20 bill. Got a Maverick which was ok for what it was but I needed more so I went with the Fireboard and couldn't be happier with it. Just added the fan drive, because I like gadgets. It seems to work pretty well but haven't tried it on a long slow cook yet. I'm sure it's gonna be real nice to be able to see and control temps when away from home this summer .
  13. Bbq sauce recipe recommendation

    I’ve tried many different recipe’s and I just can’t seem to get them right so now I take the easy route and use Head Country
  14. Some recent cooks

    Yeah good video. Never heard of beef cheeks either but will definitely be trying that slaw!
  15. Akorn newbie

    I think no matter what the temp your going for, the rule of thumb is to ease up to it slowly, especially work Akorn.
  16. Cooking in cold weather

    Our forecast for New Year’s Day here in Tennessee is a low of 6 and high is 19 and I plan on smoking some sausages early for New Year’s Day party. No snow though.
  17. I know we’ve all bought bad meat. A lot of times you can’t tell it’s bad until you cook it and bite into it. This just looked bad the moment I opened it up and not sure what it is. Thought someone might know or have seen this before. It had little chunks of white something in it. At first when I saw it on the outside I thought it was bone fragments but when I started cutting into it it was in the inside too. Also what the hell is that zebra looking stripes running through the meat? I did a test cook on one ribeye I had cut and sure enough it was grizzly, had to spit half of it out. It did have a good flavor though lol. I went to Kroger and bought a three bone ribeye to have for our Christmas dinner, it was wonderful. I cut up the first one into steaks and froze them but may end up throwing them out. :(
  18. Christmas Ham: Part the zillion

    Yep and spaghetti is always better the next day.
  19. Christmas Ham: Part the zillion

    Good choice, leftover ham is hard to beat. Nice cook!
  20. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    It was, I had no idea it was possible to glue meat.
  21. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    It's a country kitchen and there buying there steaks from the same place as there vegetables.....not a good idea probably.
  22. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    Long story short, my nephew runs a small restaurant and got me this from his supplier. The zebra looking stripes are from being injected with "a solution" . I asked what this solution consisted of. Only thing they knew was a salt fat mixture that helped create more juicer steaks. Sounds to me like the supplier is taking lower grade meat and trying to boost it up to a higher grade and then sell it for a low price. They didn't know what the little white chunks were, they never seen any of there's look that way. There going to get me another one that has not been injected!!
  23. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    I sent you a PM John.
  24. This cooked inspired by the video Ben S posted. We had an early prime rib Christmas diner tonight for six adults. A really nice 3 bone roast. Smoked with a couple chunks of cherry wood at 225 for 4 hours to a internal temp of 122, then rested for an hour in foil. Temp went up 5 degrees while resting. Primo was at 600 when I put it back on the direct side, rotating every few minutes. Moved to indirect for about 25 minutes, continued to rotate. Removed with temp still at about 126. Rested for 45 more minutes, temp was at 130 when served. Rub was salt, pepper, paprika, garlic power and oil. Enjoyed by everyone. Thanks to all the gurus here this was a successful cook!
  25. Early prime rib Christmas dinner

    Thanks y’all. Hey y’all take a look at my other post on the first ribeye loin purchase and see if you can tell me what’s wrong with it.