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  1. Akorn newbie

    I think no matter what the temp your going for, the rule of thumb is to ease up to it slowly, especially work Akorn.
  2. Cooking in cold weather

    Our forecast for New Year’s Day here in Tennessee is a low of 6 and high is 19 and I plan on smoking some sausages early for New Year’s Day party. No snow though.
  3. I know we’ve all bought bad meat. A lot of times you can’t tell it’s bad until you cook it and bite into it. This just looked bad the moment I opened it up and not sure what it is. Thought someone might know or have seen this before. It had little chunks of white something in it. At first when I saw it on the outside I thought it was bone fragments but when I started cutting into it it was in the inside too. Also what the hell is that zebra looking stripes running through the meat? I did a test cook on one ribeye I had cut and sure enough it was grizzly, had to spit half of it out. It did have a good flavor though lol. I went to Kroger and bought a three bone ribeye to have for our Christmas dinner, it was wonderful. I cut up the first one into steaks and froze them but may end up throwing them out. :(
  4. Christmas Ham: Part the zillion

    Yep and spaghetti is always better the next day.
  5. Christmas Ham: Part the zillion

    Good choice, leftover ham is hard to beat. Nice cook!
  6. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    It was, I had no idea it was possible to glue meat.
  7. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    It's a country kitchen and there buying there steaks from the same place as there vegetables.....not a good idea probably.
  8. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    Long story short, my nephew runs a small restaurant and got me this from his supplier. The zebra looking stripes are from being injected with "a solution" . I asked what this solution consisted of. Only thing they knew was a salt fat mixture that helped create more juicer steaks. Sounds to me like the supplier is taking lower grade meat and trying to boost it up to a higher grade and then sell it for a low price. They didn't know what the little white chunks were, they never seen any of there's look that way. There going to get me another one that has not been injected!!
  9. Funky whole ribeye roast, take a look

    I sent you a PM John.
  10. This cooked inspired by the video Ben S posted. We had an early prime rib Christmas diner tonight for six adults. A really nice 3 bone roast. Smoked with a couple chunks of cherry wood at 225 for 4 hours to a internal temp of 122, then rested for an hour in foil. Temp went up 5 degrees while resting. Primo was at 600 when I put it back on the direct side, rotating every few minutes. Moved to indirect for about 25 minutes, continued to rotate. Removed with temp still at about 126. Rested for 45 more minutes, temp was at 130 when served. Rub was salt, pepper, paprika, garlic power and oil. Enjoyed by everyone. Thanks to all the gurus here this was a successful cook!
  11. Early prime rib Christmas dinner

    Thanks y’all. Hey y’all take a look at my other post on the first ribeye loin purchase and see if you can tell me what’s wrong with it.
  12. Early prime rib Christmas dinner

    Thanks, it was a very good cut of meat.
  13. Early prime rib Christmas dinner

    Thanks! Your so right, I can’t remember the last time I had steak out.
  14. Early prime rib Christmas dinner

    The Christmas Eve diner will consist of turkey and dressing and almost every side dish you can think of that will feed 58 family members
  15. Prime Rib Video

    Yeah me too, tonight in fact for our Christmas dinner. So far so good. I’ll post some pics in another thread also.
  16. Prime Rib Video

    Good info but leaving the roast out for 12 hours, don't think I could get myself to do that. Plus, I've always thought that cold meat takes on more smoke, don't know if that's true or not.
  17. For the last few cooks I’ve been getting a white dust covering the entire inside of the grill. The last cook was pizza. After the Primo reached temp of 500 I opened it it up and everything was covered in white ash dust. I recently had to switch to B&B characol because that’s all that’s available to me living in a rural area. Didn’t have any of this dust with the first few bags but now I’m getting it every cook. This has to be getting on the food also. Is this the lump or maybe the grill needs a thorough cleaning? I keep it very clean but have never removed the fire box to clean behind it.
  18. Problem with white ash covering grill

    Also there’s constantly white smoke rolling out.
  19. Problem with white ash covering grill

    Ok it’s not buildup on the grill. I did the 700 degree burn off, brushed it down and vacuumed and haven’t used it since. Tonight I’m doing pizza again, got up to temp 500 and the pic showes what I found. Definitely the B&B, never had this problem before this bag of characol.
  20. Our big family of fifty + has decided this year for Christmas dinner we not going to do the ham, turkey and dressing. I'm going to smoke up four 8-10lb butts. I usually salt my butts real good the day or two before the cook, then apply Memphis dust that I make without salt. I've been using a good BBQ seasoning lately that I really like called Head Country. This has 10% sodium in it. My questions are: 1) Instead of salting the day before do I use the HC seasoning the day before? 2)Or salt but not as much as usual then season with HC right before putting the butts on? 3)Or not salt at all, just season right before putting the butts on?
  21. Question for "Butt" Lovers

    That's what I've decided to do. I've used HC on ribs and thought they were the best I've had ever done. Thanks everyone for the help
  22. Problem with white ash covering grill

    I should know if this was caused by charcoal or gunk on the grill the next time I use the grill. I did that 700 degree burn yesterday. I didn’t think the grill was that bad but maybe it doesn’t take much build up to make the white dust.
  23. Problem with white ash covering grill

    Yep I agree. Whether or not it changes the flavor of the food may never be known. For sure I’d rather not have ash dust on mine even if you can’t see it on there.
  24. Problem with white ash covering grill

    Yeah John that was my thinking so I went out and cleaned the Primo. Brushed it down good and vacuumed with the fire box out. Put it back together and did a 700 degree burn off. I’ll have to brush it down again and then next cook I’ll know if it’s the grill or characol. You dont think this powder gets on the food?
  25. Problem with white ash covering grill

    I will have to quit using it too☹️. I just don't understand why my local Walmart and lowes carry royal oak briquets but not the lump. I have tried Fogo and jealous devil with good results but I go through to much charcoal to justify the cost.