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  1. Brisket really turned out nice! Any chance you could have been cooking hotter than what you thought.
  2. I will usually wrap the brisket in butcher paper around 165. It helps the brisket through the stall. The butcher paper helps the brisket breathe so the bark doesn't get mushy but still retains some moisture. I would say you nailed that cook!
  3. Doog


    I use a weber starter cube to lite my Vision. Break it in half and stick the 2 pieces of starter cube in the top center and light with a lighter or propane torch. Enjoy your new Kamado!!
  4. Welcome! Looking at all these great cooks is going to give you an appetite.
  5. Looks like it turned out good! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Pies look fantastic!! I'm a pie guy myself. Thanks for sharing!!
  7. I use this for my diffuser,I just cut the handles off. http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_27889_-1__?N=395477678 I seasoned it and usually just keep it covered with tin foil.
  8. Butts look like they turned out good! Did you have wood chunks mixed in with your lump? If you did some of the spikes could have been from the chunks burning. Myself I cook my butts at a higher temp, but that is my preference. I usually just let my Vision run where it's comfortable. You will wear yourself out trying to maintain a constant temp like 225. I would be more worried about the temp dipping than I would a 25 degree spike. Nice first overnighter!
  9. I wish my iGrill2 had better range. But I can read it from my kitchen which works for me. I like a lot of the features and being able to set things from my phone is nice. I still use my maverick when I need longer range.
  10. Last turkey I done it was on at 8:00 am off at 11:30. It was a 15lb turkey cooked @300 But wasn't done on an Akorn.
  11. Usually try and cook brisket at 275. Wrap in butcher paper 160-165 finish till it is probe tender in the thickest part. Usually about 205. Your brisket looks like it turned out pretty good. Nice job!
  12. I think I would put the KK's in the spare bedroom. They are really nice!!
  13. I just let the Kamado run where it wants...in the range I want it to. If I am shooting for 250 and it settles at 260-265 I'm good with that. Usually like to vary 20 degrees either way. I like my top vent open and adjust the air to the fire with the bottom vent.
  14. I have the classic also. Simpler is easier for me. Enjoy your new Kamado!
  15. Enjoy your new Joe! Good bunch of people here.
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    Greetings welcome to the forum!
  17. Doog

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    Welcome to the forum!
  18. My opinion/ thinking-was 2hrs of smoke is 2hrs of smoke if the temp is 225 or 325...but it's only my opinion. I agree with Rusty I like cooking @ 275 but I think 5 years ago 250 degrees might have been more happy medium. "Maybe 225 -250 degrees" Do you think with improvement of today's smokers that it is easier to cook at higher temps? Some interesting posts & thoughts and some good reading.
  19. As the title says: Does the trend seem to be changing? Before it seemed everything was low & slow and now I see a lot of hot & fast these days.
  20. That's some food for thought....I might have to try that.
  21. Probably if I get another Kamado probably would just get a BJ. Always can use more room.
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