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  1. Smoke from too much flavor wood and higher temps will do that...
  2. I just got mine (KAB-15HD) and it does NOT sit inside that hole. Instead, it sits on top of the ledge. Here is a picture from underneath. There is no way this fits inside that opening. That is about what mine looks like as well, I did not have sufficient lighting to show same. My photo of top view rests the same. It is my opinion that size is currently sufficient. Even if they make a size to fit better, I am unlikely to purchase it as this model I currently have fulfills my need. I am considering one of these baskets & want to confirm that this photo shows the Kick Ash Basket (KAB-15HD) sitting inside a Vision Classic B. The particular KAB-15HD shipped to me definitely sat inside the firebox opening on my Vision Classic B purchased in the summer of 2014 at Sam's...
  3. 20 minutes is not far so heat shouldn't be an issue but, the skin may go soft while covered. I would lightly hit the skin with a kitchen torch at your destination...
  4. I would e-mail Chad and ask if you could provide him measurments. He did mention he was going to try and find a large Vision so he could measure...If enough people express interest, he will build it to spec. Here's his e-mail: chad.romzek@gmail.com Good Luck!
  5. I'm happy to hear you are enamored with your basket, Rob. Even with the bottom grate removed, there is still a large gap and that's not how the baskets are intended to fit. The BGE basket fits nice and tight with no gaps. That's how I like my box. Also, the original bottom grate is designed to keep a space between very hot coals and the bottom of your unit so you don't risk cracking the outer shell. By dropping the KAB below the bottom of the fire bowl, you risk cracking especially with cold outer temps. That may even void your warranty by not keeping the fire where it should be.
  6. I really like the Idea of the Kick Ash Basket. However, it was quite dissapointing to find out the fit was really no that great. I ordered the recommended KAB-15HD for my Classic B and when it arrived a gave it a test fit. The flat bottom of my fire bowl is close to 14" in diameter and the bottom flat portion of the KAB was only 9". That results in an almost 5" difference. Plus the tapers didn't match at all either. This results in a large gap and a greatly reduced fuel load for my long Brisket cooks. I brought this up with Chad at KAB and he apologised and said he wasn't aware of that much of a difference. He politely offered to pick up the return shipping and refund my CC. I did end up returning it. For the Gurus out here, are all large Vision fire bowls similiar? If there is enough interest , Chad said he would build one to spec. and asked for everyone to e-mail him directly if interested. I know I want one that fits so I guess I'm first in line. Here's his e-mail if anyone else is interested: chad.romzek@gmail.com
  7. A pizza pan. May get close to full but throw in some paper towels to suck up extra grease when cleaning up...Or, suck up extra with a turkey Baster...
  8. Thanks for the tips, gentlemen...
  9. I purchased the Vision Classic B in August of 2014 and am very satisfied with the unit. I little bit of chasing temperatures but each cook is different. Almost immediately, I noticed moisture under the glass inside the thermometer that never goes away even after a long cook. I always keep the unit covered and under a patio cover during the summer half of the year and in the garage during the winter. It almost never rains in Southern California. I last used the grill in August and then went through an illness that kept me out of action for a couple of months. Thank the Lord I'm back in action and better than before. Last weekend, I uncovered the grill to make a spatchcock yardbird and the thermometer was foggy as usual but now it wouldn't budge. The moisture must have finally got to it. Has anybody else had the same problem? Any aftermarket replacement recommendations that bolt in? I emailed Vision customer service last night and this morning they replied with a few questions. They think my thermometer wasn't sealed properly. My unit was just out of warranty for that part but they were nice enough to say that they would ship out a new one without cost. Also, they said they would seal it first with silicone. Now that's great customer service!
  10. Talk about chimp simple and cheap...Cost only two clams-literally. So, I was eating a delicious bowl of Ciappino last Friday and looked at my pile of discards. The light went on. I simply took two similar small clams about 2" wide and separated them into 4 halves. I placed them evenly opposing each other on the fire bowl bottom and laid the CI grate over them. This lifted the CI grate about 1/4" to 3/8" up off the bottom with plenty of space for air movement. Did a long cook on a Briskey point and the fire lasted well beyond cook time. I didn't measure the cook time but there was a much better burn of fuel. I cleaned the un-burnt fuel and ash out this morning and there were my two clams holding up just fine...
  11. Good idea but is it worth 50 bucks plus shipping? I guess price is relative to some...
  12. Ya don't wanna say it's obvious...but it's obvious... look at the post above yours. 3 or 4 chunks of charcoal under the grate do the exact same thing and they last a few cooks. Low and slow no prob... High heat needs replacements sooner. Try it... It works. Chimp Simple. It just seems that those chunks would burn up...I have some fire brick that I can cut with a tile saw...?
  13. I did a long cook on a butt the other day and the fire went out after about 8 hours. I noticed a lot of un-burnt Royal Oak lump around the outer edge of the fire bowl and am sure I could have completed the cook had all the fuel burned. I like the idea of raising the CI charcoal grate. I'm into chimp simple modifications - even a monkey could do it...I was thinking of cutting two lengths of re-bar a little bit shorter than the CI grate and simply laying the rods parallel to each other on the bottom edge of the firebox and placing the CI grate on top of those. Does anybody think this will work or have any other chimp simple mods to accomplish this task? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Just make sure you register your unit. I did it on-line. Just needed to scan the receipt and fill out a few boxes. Easy...
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