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  1. Any chance on posting the plans for this? It really is incredible. Great work.
  2. Who doesn't like a three-way? Nicely done.
  3. I made some ribs, coleslaw and potatoes for Valentine's Day and served it with (lots of) margaritas. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/17927-3-racks-3-flavors/#entry227424
  4. I made some ribs, coleslaw and potatoes for Valentine's Day and served it with (lots of) margaritas. I had run out of lump and I had no choice but to buy a small bag of that Cowboy stuff from Home Depot. I didn't find it to be as terrible as most say, but it was trickier for maintaining temp. I added in a few applewood chips. Ribs were on for 6 hours around 2-225, I spritzed them with Apple juice every hour after the first two. I pulled them off the rack at 5.5 hours and basted. What are your thoughts on using a rib rack anyhow? Is there an advantage or not?
  5. Looks awesome and Nando's sauce is the BOMB!
  6. Used Bobby Flay's dough recipe. Really basic, yields two 14" pizzas. Thin crust. I cook them at 500, no deflector on parchment paper. Always fine.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I've never added celery salt, but I will now.
  8. I've had a few cooks with Royal Oak recently where the food tasted very strong, almost like a gasoline flavour coming off it. Anyone had a similar experience? I start all my cooks using a a couple cotton balls soaked in alcohol so it's not like there's lighter fluid or anything of the sort even near the lump. We did pizza this week and the first was fine, but the second was almost inedible.
  9. The picnic shoulder (i now realise what I had) came off when it hit 205. This was at 6pm so it was on for ten hours, between 250-275. It was so tender that it almost fell apart when I was taking it off. I wrapped it up and let it sit in a warm cooler for a couple hours. I served it with my homemade North Carolina style sauce and slaw. Everyone LOVED it and it was delicious but I know where I went wrong. I thought it was a fat cap on the outside, but it was skin. This prevented the top from getting a nice bark. She was still tender and delicous, but next time I do one of these I will remove the skin. I don't know how I screwed that up, but I did. Here are some shots of the finished product. I ate three buns, so it was definitely good. I sealed up several portions in food saver bags for down the road. Thanks again to all your kind tips and support.
  10. How much did it weight and when are you planning on eating it? If you're cooking it at 275 you can guesstimate at approximately 1 hour for every pound. Yours looks huge so I'm guessing around 17 pounds? It's about 11lbs. Eating tonight at 8-ish. No worries though. Plenty of (overprice) beer (I'm in Canada) while we wait.
  11. I removed it for the first time EVER today. This is after six months of pretty much daily use. It was full. My bad.
  12. Up until around 160 it goes pretty fast. At around 160 you'll get what is known as "The Stall" and it will stay there (160 to 170) for a few hours and then start to slowly creep up. Awesome. Thanks. This forum rocks! I wish you could all come over and enjoy it with us.
  13. Almost four hours in, she's at 119 degrees. That seem like she's on track?
  14. I was sure, but now I'm not LOL. It's gonna be great regardless and yeah, it was on sale.
  15. Thanks to everyone's tips on here I've embarked on my first pork butt. I've made lots of ribs, chicken and steaks, but this is my maiden voyage for pulled pork.
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