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  1. Thanks! No I was in South America for some work for the past few months. I will tell you one thing, I really missed good food. I just did a brined pork shoulder on the Akorn yesterday to set it off, it came out excellent and I'm doing a write-up now on it.
  2. Hi All, I've just returned home from a few months out of the states and I plan to get the Akorn fired up for a pork butt this Thanksgiving. I always clean my Akorn regularly but didn't do anything specific before I parked it in the garage. I plan to do a high temp burn to give it a good cleaning, but does anyone know what I need to look for? Last summer I didn't have to pull it out of storage because I cooked on it all winter long, but this year I haven't touched it in a solid 4-5 months. p.s. good to see the forum looking updated, nice work John!
  3. Crazy how most niche-type forums end up failing or being a graveyard within a few months and yet this one is always active. Congrats on finding your niche, John, and to everyone else who makes this forum worth a visit.
  4. The more grills you have, the better, man. I love my Akorn as well but would buy a ceramic in a heartbeat if I had the cash to spend on one! It would be an awfully boring forum if everyone had the same exact opinions on everything..
  5. Robert Mondavi is good stuff. If you're looking for a great 100% Cab for a special occasion, Tom Eddy. If you're looking for more of an everyday cab, but want to keep it above the cheap stuff, I enjoy Dynamite Cabernet. But I rarely ever break $15 on a bottle of wine unless it's for some special occasion.
  6. Gotta love Corel. Thank you sir, it was one of the better days outside. Not bad for Gluten Free, which my wife has to have. Though I like Woodchuck's stuff a little better.
  7. But keep the faith! Summer is calling..
  8. This is nice man, It certainly is giving me some ideas! I like that cheese, what kind is it? Nice color.
  9. Ok I can deal with the cold, but when it's raining and windy and all that jazz, how the heck do you guys deal with the foul weather when trying to grill? I hate how my Kamado has been neglected the past few weeks.
  10. If you're just going to use a cardboard or plastic box, why not stick the soldering gun in a tin can or clay pot in that? It's just as dangerous as the smoldering flame in a venturi smoke generator. Plus, its not as simple as it looks to make a cold smoke generator with regular parts from the hardware store, I know because I tried. I ended up spending close to 20 bucks on some copper fittings and a tube, then another 12 on a fish tank pump and air hose. Then what do you use to actually enclose your metal canister? One person used a chain link fence end cap. So what's that at least 10 bucks? So you're into it for about 50 bucks and it may or may not even work. I returned my parts when I found it barely generated any smoke and lighting it was a pain. For another 50 you can buy a very nice smoke daddy one and be done with it. My goal was to spend the least for something I almost never use, and so far I'm pretty happy with it. If I ever get seriously into cold smoking, Ill buy it.
  11. Way too much work though and how the heck do you rig it up into the grill? Philpom's pet food bowl with dryer duct idea is easier and doesn't require electricity. But, keeping that going he said was hard.
  12. I'm not going to say it's impossible, but it's pretty hard to do it that way without it just going out. Lump also burns really hot, and you want air flow for the smoke to get into the food. If you did manage to keep the temp super low there's also the fact that chips just don't wanna smoke under a certain temp. I tried cold smoking that way before but wasn't successful, and the kamado got really warm.
  13. I would rather not have a grill stay hot all night personally. I hate waiting even a couple hours for mine to cool completely and put it in the garage. Of course, if I had a nice patio and lived in a nice town I would just leave it outside. Sounds like what Tom said, air leak. But in a few more cooks it will probably cool down a lot faster as it seasons.
  14. Ross those look like your grill in your avatar. What kind of Kamado is that?
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