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Status Updates posted by Addertooth

  1. Tiles are cut into strips, preparing them to be applied to the K7 (long time coming).

  2. Most of the stucco is removed from the K7, exposing cracks which will have to be addressed before tiling. The amazing thing is how well the stucco hid the cracks without showing cracks in the stucco's surface. This was all very expected and is by no means a show stopper.

  3. More decisions and planning on the K7. There is a lot of varation on tiling patterns used. I want to use the best, but more labor intensive methods. Still toying with the idea of adding thermometer ports before tiling. This will avoid running the probes under the dome seal or via the upper damper.

    1. marauders


      I would consider a port for BBQ guru .much like the KK'S rather than a draft door adapter... I really love my PartyQ for the K-7 made cooking it a breeze..justa thought

  4. Removing the bands on the K7 to give the grinder access to all the surface. The dome will be pulled off the base after wooden blocks are placed between the base and the dome, the hinge will locked in position to make re-assembly easier.

  5. Stucco removal on the K7 has begun! Had to take a break though, the vibration has made my hands numb and useless after an hour.



      I was on Craigslist the other day and saw one for 800.. Was not sure what it was.

  6. Prepared with a 9 to 1 braid, alternating strips of marinated pork tenderloin, wrapped with a bacon weave, hot smoked over Apple chunks made late tonight.

  7. Hurray! The Plasma Blue and Black tiles are in, planning and scheming phase is in full effect. The K7 will probably be done in less than a month at this point

  8. Plasma Blue and Black tiles are enroute for the K7. Looks like a couple of busy weekends ahead after they arrive.

  9. A family favorite, Dutch's Amazing beans was made. Glad a double batch was made, they go fast.

  10. Monster Dino Beef ribs on the cook this weekend. At 99 cents a pound, they were a steal for USDA Choice grade!

  11. TelTru thermometer got here quickly. It was calibrated and installed in the K7's existing thermometer hole. (yeah! no more smoke leak from the hole). The two pork butts cooked up nicely on the weekend cook; it is enough pork to cover the family for a couple weeks.

  12. New TelTru thermometer on order for K7. This weekend two 8+ pound pork butts on the Big Joe.

  13. Classical Brown (one of the French Mother) Sauce, on day number two, it finishes tomorrow. I hope it is worth 1/20th of effort it is taking to make.

  14. Christmas Mega cook updated with more details now.

  15. Another Mega cook. Chateaubriand with wine reduction sauce, Turkey, scratch Sourdough pull apart rolls, glazed carrots, stuffing, whipped potatoes and Southern style cream gravy. I had to do something special for Christmas meal!

  16. A quote request is out for tiles, fingers crossed!

  17. Before the big cook, an upper damper gasket was installed on the K7. I just got around to posting those pictures.

  18. Creme Brulee, Artisan Pretzel Rollls, Stuffed Cornish Game Hens, Faux Sous Vide Asparagus and Roasted Potato Wedges with Truffle oil and seasoning is on the Kamados today! SWMBO's edict will be performed with flair!

  19. The K7 and the Primo Jr will see their first (food) cook this weekend. Of course the Joes will be in the mix as well!! SWMBO has rendered the edict, "Thou Shalt cook with all thy might and will". Who would be unwise enough to challenge such an imperative?

  20. What's cooking tonight? A primo firebox is curing in the K7. I don't know what kind of gravy you serve with it, perhaps a cream sauce?

    1. philpom


      something sweet!

  21. Slotted spiral cut in the damper threads, and a hairpin hole was drilled into the end of thread to prevent the damper from being unscrewed too far and crashing to ground.

  22. The spider for the upper damper is intalled in the K7 now. Had to cut into the refractory cement to put it in place. Felt like I was grinding my way to China ;)

  23. The spider/collar for the K7 came in. It will likely be installed this weekend! Primo sent me a fedex notification the handle for the oval junior is enroute. Lots of irons in the fire, ready to have some meat on the smoke!

  24. Ooops, accidently bought a Primo Oval Junior

  25. No progress on the K7. Locally, tile choices bite.

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