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  1. I'm doing brisket tomorrow .you make me wish it was a butt.academy sells 10 by 10 pop ups for around 50 bucks .if you tie them down with bungees you can get a couple of years out of them.
  2. I don't like you belittling a man's skills.
  3. Once again the arrogance of a bunch of guys saying that building that pitsti is nothing .c.c cooked on a stickburner so he knows its not as good because it's too much work. When you both build your own pits and create a hugely successful restaurant right a book about it and have your own tv show plus have everyone in bbq talking about you then your opinion will matter.you rant about the snake method but tell people to put a Dutch oven in for smoke.i used to windsurf that don't make me Robby Nash. Oh like you I know him. You got me you win I give. I've worked full time since I was 17 .no time to be a know it all.didn't have time to sit around and theorize.weld a pit like that and then you 'll have a real reason to brag.
  4. You just don't understand the skill level of the pit he was making.that wasn't a bunch of unskilled Chinese popping something out of a mold for pennies.if a kamado is worth 1000$ what is his pit worth. Theirs alot of gozintas into building a pit.besides the fact he has a line for his brisket.an offset isn't super smokey .look up lang smokers and hot to build a fire.when you have it right you don't even see the smoke, .you want a small hot fire.maybe some folks should try his way to make an honest comparison.
  5. I was just going to post ask swamprb on another site but he's already on here.This guy really knows the Imperial kamados .Plus bbq in general.
  6. Just saw the latest video .he shows how he builds his pits.He tells his opinion of kamados .Please don't let CC see it.His head may explode.
  7. What is the white stuff in with the backstrap ? .butter?
  8. Those looking amazing.Are the shells more a bread biscuit or croissant?
  9. Pitmasters marathon on till 4:00 .
  10. I've got alot of folks coming to stay through the summer.I'm going to rebuy an akorn tommorow.what do you think I should ask for my akorn jr on Craigslist.
  11. The point of the mop with Memphis style is to adding more of your rub.even before you serve you get them wet and sprinkle more rub .Malcom Reed has a great video on YouTube.he'll show you how to make the mop.I waited about 1 1/2 hours so I had a little bark first.I've done them on a traeger and akorn.they came out pretty equal.it's not the same as just cooking and not adding sauce.good to do in summer not if it was cold and windy.your mop is supposed to be pretty warm.
  12. I always used chunks and never had enough smoke.I found bags of chips for2$ a bag .they're easier to mix in with the coals.always some leftover the next day.
  13. A ring of fire in a weber kettle around a water pan with kbb and wood chunks will cook a butt or brisket as good as anything.once you have practiced it it's pretty much set it and forget it.you can even add a blower.akorn are hard to keep steady at 225 .a ring of fire is alot cheaper than buying a more expensive cooker.
  14. Guys you're promoting vitamins for health on a bbq website but rave about bacon wrapped sausage and cheese while drinking adult beverages.I was into bodybuilding for 15 years .it's all horse crap. If you believe it works it works.I've been giving all the supplements known to man to help my dog.but she doesn't understand the the commercials.guess what .
  15. I have the same paper.it's in a cabinet over my spices.I use it everyday to prep food on.I average about one in four brisket that turn out really good.the rest are ok.but they make good chilli.
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