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  1. Im not sure if my idea has been posted before but I just wanna show my heat deflector for my vision kub, im sure this would work on any small cooker. I have a 7" aluminum pan with some stainless eye bolts drilled in it (about $10 for everything on amazon) I figure I can put a little water or some other liquid in there too. or just place a small pizza stone over top let me know what you guys think
  2. OK, the guys name is Dino and his number is 718-974-6774. He said he can get more, tell him dan gave you his number good luck
  3. Hi guys, i am new to the forum and new to kamados....i just picked up the baby vision kub or classic p. The guy I got it from says he might be able to get some more if I ask him, he runs some junk/closeout store in bensonhurst brooklyn. I paid $110 If anyone is interested I can get you his contact info. from what ive been reading there was alot of interest in this little grill before costco stopped selling it and $110 seemed a fair price for it I broke the baby in yesterday with some ribs
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