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  1. I recently replaced my 20 year-old rinky dinky Brinkman horizontal smoker/grill with a Char-Griller Akorn komado. I bought it primarily for slow smoking. Knocked out some incredible pulled pork shoulder and brisket last weekend! I love the design of the Akorn (it's my first komado) for slow smoking. But I prefer to have just one grill/smoker and am concerned about how well it will work for standard grilling, such as hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, fish, etc. My concern is the distance between the fire and the grate. The grate isn't adjustable, and it's raised up pretty high.I'm not sure I could sear meat, for instance, and I'm not sure I could cook a steak quickly enough to turn out a perfect medium rare. What are your experiences? And advice? I hoped to find a secondary grate online that would sit on the diffuser (pizza stone) holders, but no luck. All anecdotes and advice are highly appreciated! jb
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