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  1. This old guy deserves a round of applause. <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/qzDLZa01bYU"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. True, and during seasonal clearance you could get 7 to 9 acorns if you acted quick enough. I am a huge weber fan , just not that huge. If you bought the floor models at the KJ road show you could have a trifecta for near the same money.
  3. If someone lifted a KK and ran off with it they need a sponsorship to the next olympic games.
  4. I respect a man that does his research. You get far more for your money if you do the home work. All corporations have entered the consumer market to stay profitable. If you want quality you have to become informed. The sad truth is most companies only produce a couple of quality mowers in the sub 3500.00 range any longer. If you want a quality John Deere on the scale of the old 425 you have to go to the 500 or 700 series now and lay out 8 grand plus for it. I would rather restore a classic. I am restoring a 1985 Troy Bilt horse tiller at the moment, when I am done it will be like new and last another 30 years.
  5. For that price range the Husqvarna GT52XLS with kawasaki power would be my top choice. The only other power I would consider for that range would be Honda or B&S Vanguard v-twins. These two engines use to be built on the same short block produced in japan. I am currently in search of a low hour John Deere 425 lawn and garden tractor , possibly the finest LGT ever built. Very nice sub compact tractor. The old deere tractors with hydraulic spools will go a few thousand hours with proper care.
  6. I had a Husqvarna GT52XLS.I liked everything about it for the money ,kawasaki power , fabricated deck ,heavy transmission and it didn't break the bank. I sold it and bought a John Deere 318. 1992 model with 600 hours. Let me just say,they truly don't build them like this any longer.These are true sub compact tractors.
  7. Thanks for filling me in on the Huskie. That's one mower I have no experience with. The big thing is if you buy a mower, I don't care who's name is on it, from a big box store you get consumer junk all made by the same company. The lure of these mowers is price. Example: Buy a John Deere from say Home Depot and try to get warranted service from JD. Ain't gunna happen. Buy the same looking mower from a JD dealer and it will cost more because it's a real John Deere.Koehler was bought out by Briggs. You don't see them around much any more. Bottom line here is buy from a big box and expect to buy another one in a year or two. Local garden shops do most of the warranty work on those machines. Go around back and look at their junk pile and write down some names. Good luck with your new mower. This is the 100% truth about the transmissions. Anything less are throw away after they break. The very top Husqvarna mowers are well equipped engine and transmission wise, but they are 3500.00 or more.
  8. You guys need group therapy. Hi,I'm so and so and I am a kamado waxer.
  9. The vision lump I bought at sams last year was the best of the west and it was that Miss Keet stuff , who ever she is. I like premium lump for the better value.
  10. That is a strange looking chicken.LOL.---Ken
  11. As long as I had a good seal I would just leave that as it is .---Ken
  12. It is made from one of the ironwoods . It is good. There are others made of the same wood. I think the difference is the sorting that takes place makes the Fogo a premium grade. The passed over goes out under a different brand name.
  13. The deal right now is the KJ at the roadshow for 15.00 per bag.---Ken
  14. That is a price I would not pay for royal oak. Every day price here at HD is 12.87 or so. You can get Rockwood for around those prices from firecraft with free shipping.---Ken
  15. Thanks--- I just switched to turning the valve off on the hose at the tank on which i have the MAPP gas torch attached. It really was not smart shutting it off at the torch and leaving the hose pressurized. If the hose leaked my deck box could have been all over the yard and worse. I hang my tank from the shelf. The torch will work turned upside down no problem because it is a professional torch. I do have one sort of odd problem---my torch has a open area between the flame and the tank that must mix the fuel with oxygen. This works just fine on the first and even the second spot and then the flame starts separating off the end and it will even go out.. I find that if I raise it up out of the shell--- it works again. With each spot lit this gets a bit worse. My theory is that the fire is consuming the oxygen and CO2 is mixing into the gas instead of oxygen. It evens out when air from above the shell is going in. When that starts on my torch I turn the gas down a hair and it stops. There is still plenty of heat for the lump to light up in no time.---Ken
  16. Big Joe is 1200 with cover and fire starters. Charcoal is 2 for 30 bucks. The classic is 799.00 i think---Ken
  17. With the proper torch head, operating them sideways or upside down is just fine and dandy. You just need to be sure to use a pressure regulated head. I have the TS8000 and although regulated , it burns like a different torch with the tank in the upright position. No flash out or what ever it is called.
  18. People can say what they will but the xl egg is a super cooker with the huge fire grate. Those with a kamado joe d&c system are nice. That deal will be hard to find again.---Ken
  19. I would send those pictures to vision , that is a leak. I have a friend that has the same problem with his vision. They have sent him a second set of bands and hinge, still does it. He has doubled up on the gasket on the back near the hinge and it stopped most but not all of it. You can see that the hinge on his is bored wrong or the hinge parts are out of spec. I would ask vision for a new hinge and band set then install a nomex gasket from smokeware. I put one on my Big Joe and the quality is up there with the far more expensive ones . Buy it on amazon an it is about 25% cheaper.---Ken
  20. I gotta ask...what's with the herbs tied to the stirring spoon? To ward off evil spirits. An Alabama thing.
  21. Andy is spot on , use a hose and shut the gas off at the tank then purge it and the seals should hold up. The other positive is no more tanks turned sideways or upside down which is a no no anyway.---Ken
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