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  1. I've had mine 5 years and mines just a little bit better shape wise than yours but I don't do any high temp cooks and drag inside from Novemberish through to April 1. Always covered when it's out too. Total agreement we will get our money's worth out of them. Moncton N.B. Canada
  2. I brine all my poultry too. I just use a clean sterile plastic bucket, vary in size depending on bird, salt, water and some dark brown sugar. 350°ish upright or spatchcocked, driptray and unstuffed.
  3. https://www.heb.com/product-detail/cocinaware-cast-iron-borracho-chicken-cooker/1667771 ... that one came from HEB in Katy TX. It's a place to start anyway.
  4. Every once in a while I still do an upright chicken on the Akorn versus a spatchcocked-mariposa style, especially now that the fresh garden vegetables are ready. Was a nice fall day weather wise. Brined the chicken. Put some herbs and wine in the cooker indent and a splash of water under the vegetables. Cooking spay and rub on the bird. Akorn stayed at 350°F pretty much for the whole cook time. Crispy skin to boot!
  5. Looks great. Did a "tenderloin" the other day pulled off @ 145 and like chuck0531 says it'll come up some in temp resting.
  6. Got some new poultry shears and an "el cheapo chicken" (brined overnight) and so a spineless yardbird was meant to be. I have a little baking powder added into my rub. Sprayed the bird with cooking spray for rub glue. Akorn temp was a steady 350-360°F. Just a drip pan in the Akorn balanced on the firebox edges, no stone or deflector per say. Even after resting the skin stayed crispy. Sabbath the black cat got the backbone meat. All was good.
  7. Build a small fire always to start, try setting your bottom # 4, top wide open, when u get to about 100-125 degrees below your target then, choke with your top vent, so it looks like a really tiny golf club or musical note looking down from the top, and open and close a blonde one (just a hair or tiny crack) until desired temp +- 10 or 15 degrees is probably as close as u will come depening upon how good the unit is sealed. I find i need oxygen from the bottom or the fire is lame or goes out, especially low/slow!
  8. Maybe try a little more air/oxygen from the bottom vent, see if they want to catch a little better.
  9. Heard nothing but great things about their customer service!
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