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    I'm not sure about the US I look after Canada!
  2. My guess (and just a guess) is a taller stand, new top vent and new gasket...the ash drawer would also be on my wish list!
  3. Big Joe and Junior are a great combination. We will update it at some point, but there wont be anything drastic.
  4. Have I been gone so long that the rules have changed?? no pics = it didnt happen!
  5. I would suggest physically looking at all 3 and see which one fits your needs and budget best!
  6. I agree. I love my lump basket in the KK so much that one of the first things I bought for my new KJ's was the Kick Ash Basket!
  7. It is in the booklet that comes with it. Easy to do, when you are looking head on into the grill with the lid open, there is a nut at the back of the grill on the hinge. Simply give that nut a couple of turns clockwise and it will tighten to whatever is your preference is.
  8. I saw a thread recently, where someone was asking (and another was suggesting) that there have been cases of the new fire bowl design failing. To set the record straight, there have been zero fire bowl claims (as of June 14, 2017) on the new design. Zero, from all sales domestic and international, including replacement bowls sent out to customers that have received warranted replacements for the old style fire bowl. To be fully transparent, there have been a few (minimal) reports of chipping during assembly by customers, but none that have cracked or had to be replaced due to failure. Of course its too early to tell if a cracked fire bowl is now something for the history books, but 4 months in and no issues is a good sign.
  9. Had the pleasure of meeting Pete and seeing his shop! Great stuff there and even tried one of his deli sandwiches. Great guy and amazing store!
  10. I'm not sure to be honest. This is kind of a crazy time of year for us so I havent been able to keep up on the R&D side
  11. Rak73

    Big Joe Cover

    The new grill covers will be out soon and they are amazing! Just saying
  12. Hey! I'm going to say July. We are just waiting for them to show up in Duluth and once they do, it will be another 2-3 weeks before Canadian warehouses get them. Same for the new gasket
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