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  1. Release for Canada is around the same time as the US! Most dealers are already taking pre-orders and they should be hitting the stores mid-late March.
  2. Just found this post...interesting stuff happening here!
  3. Sorry, I just saw this! It did pick up some but more importantly it became really juicy and tender (from the pineapple juice I imagine).
  4. I can't use it for everyday meals, but sometimes when I have a little more time on my hands and want to up my game, I go to her book. Enjoy it, let me know what you try! My first cook was the Pineapple stand chicken - It was show piece!
  5. I have my signed copy of that book and love it! Her recipes are a little more involved but well worth it! Enjoy!
  6. LOL I know...work really gets in the way of life looking forward to seeing it, i'm sure it will look great.
  7. Very nice! looking forward to seeing the lit up knife bar!
  8. Thats exciting!! Good luck Cue!
  9. Rak73

    Steak grates

    Contact your local KJ Dealer... http://www.kamadojoe.com/locator/locator or Amazon.com
  10. Yes! Its already in production and some of the grills with the new hinge systems are almost ready for stores! Expect to see them in stores mid-march. Oh and by the way, not just the hinge...the KJ's will now come with best in category new oven style gasket, new top control cap and a new latch system allowing for a tighter seal. And of course, all new firebox design and the best packaging you have ever seen! There is a thread here that shows all these changes.
  11. Rak73


    Everything! Just like a flattop. Fish, pizza and anything that wants a good sear (chicken, steak, scallops, fajitas) Have fun!!!
  12. Rak73

    Steak grates

    If you drop it it will break like your deflectors and it can scratch. Thats really the only downside.
  13. Rak73

    Steak grates

    Exactly what HeavyG said. It is much easier to maintain (a wipe with a wet cloth or soap and water) and I find the surface holds heat better than the CI griddle.
  14. Rak73

    Steak grates

    Its not a grate, its a cooking surface made from stone, literally like cooking on a hot rock!
  15. Rak73

    Steak grates

    Cast iron grates are great, but if you are looking for a really good even sear, I much prefer the soapstone now. Better heat retention and much easier to look after.
  16. Congratulations and well played sir!
  17. The Bunka is really nice. I got a chance to hold it and cut with it and it went through potatoes like they were made of jello, and no sticking to the side of the blade, it released everything! I loved the shape of it too, had a slight curve, just enough for rocking. I am seriously considering the Bunka as my first Japanese knife! just my $.02 worth, not really even worth that tbh! LOL
  18. I agree. I'd say Charles had a great experience with Chubo, and Knifewear certainly won me over with their fantastic customer support and the extra time they spent explaining all they could about the different types of steeles and styles of Japanese knives and also letting me actually use them which many places won't let you do. It's unfair to suggest something negative about a small business that could impact their sales. I'm glad Ben had a great experience with CKTG but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have a great experience with any of the other stores and to suggest otherwise is irresponsible.
  19. Robert - Now that I have held and cut with these knives, I really like the Masakage, it felt 'right' in my hand...these are all great knives and like everything in life, you get what you pay for!
  20. Rak73


    I can see that happening...who knows, after getting them sharpened I might be disappointed as well and end up getting stones! LOL
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