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    Kamado cover

    You really don't need to cover it, but I cover mine most of the time. Just protecting my investment and gives me peace of mind!
  2. Excellent! The Creasy family are good people!
  3. Congratulations!! Which store did you buy it from?
  4. I would cook outside! I'm in Canada also and the cold weather has little affect on the KJ. I just wouldn't want to run the risk of CO poisoning.
  5. I agree with Cue...I'd pass. The problem is you dont know how badly the inside is damaged. Also, I'm pretty sure you will need to repair the hydraulic hinge mechanism. It could get costly.
  6. Deez Nuts and Honey are a staple in my pantry and I've recently added Gospel! Its really good and really versatile!
  7. Thank you all for your feedback! I knew we came to the right group of Kamado Guru's! Stay tuned Happy Holidays to all
  8. The plan is to have one for the classic and one for the Big Joe...and maybe even one for the junior!? who knows.
  9. Thanks everyone! Please keep the ideas coming.... The reason I wanted to reach out this group is because you are all very passionate about your grills and cooking. Other than the obvious stuff like covered shelving, what else? Some of the outside the box ideas are: -Lighting -Lump storage bin -place to store ash clean out When you are out cooking, what do you wish you had to make your life a little easier? Remember, we want to make this cart 'remarkable'! Not just good or great, but remarkable which will include things that 'users' want! Thanks!
  10. Pricing wont be much more than the current Classic JoeTisserie
  11. Good morning Guru's! Hello old friends I hope everyone is cooking up a storm, and even though I dont post often, I'm still checking in on you! Yes, I'm still cooking on my grills 2-3 times a week and still loving them all. My health is back to 100% and I'm loving life! I have been at Kamado Joe for a while now and yesterday after a conversation with Bobby, I got thinking! Not everyone has room on their deck/patio for a table (usually around 6ft long and quite costly), but it seems that KJ owners would like more than just the stand and shelves. With this in mind, I'm running a little R&D and need YOUR input! If KJ were to design a cart (smaller than a table and more mobile), what would YOU like to see in/on it? Below is a first rendering, but I believe we can do better! And in true KJ fashion, we want to get input from you, the users, to see what you would like to see. Don't hold back, if you have an idea, please share it I look forward to your feedback. Rak
  12. Good morning all! Yes, its true. The Big JoeTisserie will be hitting stores soon, target date of February 2017
  13. There are lots of ideas KJ are working...The hinge is set, as for the rest...you'll have to wait and see
  14. I dont have the dimensions yet, so I'm not sure about tables, etc.
  15. LOL I love new toys as well The soapstone and Big JoeTisserie will be available in the next couple of months...I dont have an exact date yet.
  16. Donairs are awesome! Great job with this one!
  17. Doesn't get fresher than that! Nice cook.
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