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  1. I pulled my Vision grill grates and am now using the D&C system. Works so much better. Love all of the different half moon accessories. The grill extender that sits atop the basic frame adds extra grilling area.
  2. The Vision accessory kit is less expensive at Sam's than just buying the part by itself from BBQ Guys.
  3. I was unsure if the KJ divide & conquer system would fit the classic B, but I took a chance and purchased the basic system from bbqguys. It's as though it is made for the vision. This is the most efficient system you can use for the classic B. Hate the grates that come with the Vision grill and found the grillstore.com system way too complicated. The half moon KJ accessories are so easy to store and you can choose between stainless or cast iron for the grates.
  4. Just bought a second accessory pack at Sam's for $59.71. Couldn't resist that deal.
  5. Will definitely do a batch of smoked peanuts to take to the baseball game. Thanks for the great post!
  6. Ya killing me! Feel sorry for your poor neighbors who have to smell this divine goodness for a whole week!
  7. I have the Classic B which I got from Sam's along with the granite table. The grill is fantastic and I have no trouble cooking low and slow for long hours or raging hot for searing steaks. But....I fight the darn vent every time. I even removed the screw and spring totally per the Vision folks suggestion and it still at times won't budge. I keep a rubber mallet and silicon gloves handy. It's almost as if the metal is expanding causing it to seize up. When I pull it off I see some soot but really no buildup of gunk. I guess it's something I will just have to live with.
  8. When watching the various barbecue cook-off shows this summer I always paid attention when the team members described what goes into the marinades, rubs, brines etc. Many of them use phosphates. Reading up on the use of sodium phosphate I understand that it helps insure the moisture, texture, and tenderness of your food after cooking. Do any of you folk use this and if so in your marinade or brine? Also in what quantity? I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. I apologize if this has been discussed before, but didn't find anything in a search of the forums. .
  9. My favorites are Rockwood.and Ozark Oak. Buy it from FireCraft.com. Decent prices and free shipping on orders over $99. 5 bags of decent charcoal and your're there. UPS driver really hates when I order the charcoal.
  10. I was lucky to grab the grill and table a while back on the Sam's auction site. The freight for both was $368 ($169x2). The shipper took their time to deliver, over 3 weeks, so I called Sam's and complained. They credited me back $200 for shipping so that made it a real sweet deal. After seeing how the grill and table were packaged I understand why the shipping is so high. They used some of the thickest cardboard I've ever seen. I have to give kudos to Vision for their packaging design. Anyway both the grill and table were simple to put together and yes it does make the neighbors jealous. BTW the top is green granite.
  11. fyi...The Sam's store in Denham Springs, LA (outside the Bass Pro) has the kits. Ordered online last night for store pickup and just received my email that it is ready to be picked-up.
  12. I do see where Sam's now is showing the accessory pack online, though only for store pickup. I'll check out the local stores tomorrow and pass on if they have them in Baton Rouge.
  13. The carrier Sam's is using is the pits. The Vision grill was shipped on 9/12 and the table on 9/15. Supposed to be delivered this Friday,10/3. Shipped from Temple, TX. I live in Louisiana. Do the math on transit times. Anyway called Sam's and complained and they knocked $200 off the freight. Brings the total cost for the grill and table down to $637. It'll be a good deal if it ever gets here, and in one piece.
  14. This tomato season we had a bumper crop. Actually it was a bit overwhelming, but the neighbors really loved to find a few beautiful ripe tomatoes sitting on their doorstep each morning. Wish I had thought about throwing the tomatotes on the grill. Burnt bits and all I bet that sauce was outstanding. Will definitely try that next year. I would blanch and shock the fruit so that I can easily peel off the skin. Don't mind the seeds.
  15. Great advice! Will try next time I do the pizza thing.
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