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  1. I have an E6 with three tiers. I think it's awesome, I purchased this charcoal grate for it: https://killagrilla.square.site/product/17-5-round-bbq-stainless-charcoal-grill-grate-kg-7448-weber-replacement/16?cs=true&cst=custom With the middle tier you can use a standard Slow n' Sear, and it's just a great hight for a lot of cooking. If you want to go crazy, like I did, there's a european company 'Spit on Fire' that makes a rotisserie for the Summit and the middle level charcoal grate is perfect for two charcoal baskets and a drip pan in the middle.
  2. https://www.weber.com/US/en/blog/behind-the-grill/product-update-to-weber-com-shoppers-and-summit-kamado-e6-charcoal-grill-owners/weber-2105129.html Looks like they're working on a fix, they've stopped shipping and are offering to replace the first run at no cost to the consumer.
  3. I almost broke out my fireplace bellows, but i was afraid of covering my food in ash. So I originally thought I was using too much charcoal, as I couldn't get the temperature below 400. So I started cutting back, but that brought about it's own problems, now I'm back to the original amount. Anyone have some advice on how much coal to use (using what ever measurement you would like) , and has anyone tried one of these or a similar device? http://www.amazon.com/Broil-King-KA5565-Charcoal-Caddie/dp/B007760X6G
  4. Tested it just a few hours ago, need to re-calibrate my settings.... Accidentally put out my coals....
  5. I got my Pro C last Thursday, its awesome, like many others I was concerned about air leaks in the 'Pro Zone'. I was rather happy to see the thick high temperature gaskets around the ash tray and starter port when I was putting it together. However, the start door gasket wouldn't allow the door to close properly. Door Gap. Washers to level door Gap gone Made a huge difference.
  6. Thanks for all the advice, I'll get to know the stock cap before I even think about replacing it.
  7. Hello, new here. Just pulled the trigger on a Pro. C, still waiting for it to show up, very excited. I don't trust myself with Cast Iron and would like to get the smokeware stainless damper but can't find any info on how well it fits a vision grill. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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