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  1. I'm curious what the weight will be. Usually Broil King makes pretty solid products. $1540 is steep....
  2. I really like the SKF products. I actually own a TMEB2 laser alignment tool. I'm looking to upgrade to a Vibralign system though. It's amazing how customers and service companies just don't care about alignment of shafts of pulleys these days.....
  3. I bought the exact same fridge for $200 off a bidding site. I replaced the compressor ($160) that was shorted and repaired a hole in the evaporator coil (I hate aluminum coils). I also have the same oven and microwave exhaust hood. I have a Bloomberg dishwashers though (I think it part of the Bosch lower end stuff). Very nice appliances. The warming shelf in the oven is great for holding meat for hours!! I'm a commercial refrigeration/HVAC mechanic by trade.
  4. Eddiecalder

    Big News!

    Thank you! They already are in Canada..they have the Classic, Junior and soon a few will carry the Big Joe. Plus they sell KJ lump there, which if you havent tried it, you should. Great stuff...big pieces, dense and little crap in the bag! Is KJ considering selling to Lowes in US? We are considering becoming a KJ dealer and that would affect our decision making. I love my KJ and will still be loyal, just not sure I could compete. For what it's worth I almost always kick tires at big box stores and later purchase at mom and pops stores.
  5. Any news on the Cast Iron fire bowl and ring?
  6. As I'm sure you are aware (mabye some people are not),when you buy something from Amazon they email you a week later asking for a review. Takes 1min if you don't want to write anything.
  7. I'd build a giant table and never move it.
  8. Looks like the D&C is getting some love over the oval shape. Meathead didn't like that older round Kamados that didn't offer true 2 zone cooking. KJ did a great job with the D&C. As soon as there is a Big Joe Cast Iron fire pot and rotisserie I'm gonna be all over it.
  9. What's the distance front to back on that KK? How long are those racks of ribs? That thing make my Keg look like toy.....
  10. Just last week there were posts that Meathead was indeed a "Meathead" and anti-kamado.....
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