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  1. Ever since I got my Akorn and Masterbuilt I only use my Traeger at smoke. After that I transfer to one of the other 2. The only time I use the Traeger above smoke level is if I need to smoke and/or cook a boat load of grub. My traeger is just so fuel hungry above smoke, and especially above 250 it just isn't worth it.
  2. Offering some food is always a great idea. It's courteous, a friendly gesture, a way to get to know the neighbors, and who knows, you may get them to realize the great taste kamados cook up and turn them into a lump burner also. Then, let the competition cooks commense!
  3. Fantastic, thanks for the help. Wow I guess it has been a long time since I was on. I don't recall you as one of the moderators. Belated congrates.
  4. Hi all, Been an extremley long time since I have been on but some may remember me. Hi to ya'll. For all those new welcome to the best cooking website in the world. Now for my question. I was just given 2 racks of beef ribs with not much meat on top from what I can tell. Don't know were the person got them from but his sight is bad at best. He knew I had some smokers and asked me to cook them for a lunchen tomorrow after church. My plan is to cook them now, let rest in ridge overnight, then warm tomorrow in a sous vide bath while I warm my pulled pork done yesterday. Is the general time to cook a rack with little meat on top the same as with a thick meat layer on top? Just wondering when to start testing the doneness. Thanks in advance for the advise.
  5. I believe I saw a post a long time ago about 1 that looked like that and the bottom line was as I recall was one of the original ones from Japan, ie: before BGE even started and that they were designed for smoking only and not high temp. Don't know for sure but that's what I seem to remember.
  6. Another way to check is the dollar bill test. Place a bill between the top and bottom halves and pull it out. If it comes loose then you have a problem there. Try it all around unit.
  7. Ok, so I'll apologize in advance for taking this in a totally different path. If I want to put a smile on the best wife in the worlds face I come home with a tri-tip for the next day or around noon for dinner. Then I season and vacumn seal or place in a zip-lock bag and start the SV. With a SV you can cook it at a lower temp (less done) and still eat with peace of mind. With SV you can leave it in longer and it will even tenderize it. When I'm ready to eat I'll either turn up the Akorn to HOT! or get the griddle to max and place the tri-tip on it for 30-45 sec per side. Slice, eat, and don't even have to worry about what to do with the leftovers. What?, no leftovers you say. When you try it, you'll know why you don't have to worry about them..
  8. You could use pallet wood but that takes a lot of time and effort. I found that for a little $ I can buy cedar fence boards and with a planer I can plane it smooth and for me it's worth the little extra $ it costs.
  9. I think you're gonna love you're jr but you're not gonna fit a full packer Brisket on it. Now, as for your next smoker. If price isn't a problem and you want to get a quality kamado that will last for the rest of your life check out KK https://komodokamado.com/ I'm surprised nobody mentioned these. Any way you go you find kamado cooking to give you the moistest food you've ever eaten and start you on the trail of this addiction.
  10. I know this is probably too late now but if it's not and you have an electric turkey roaster you should have enough smoke in the butt from what you're saying so you could set the roaster for 225F and take the butt off the smoker and place in the roaster. I've done this several times and it works fine. Just another trick you can put in your arsenal of ideas.
  11. I have found over the years that a slopped pan helps but is not a requirement. I have used a slopped pan and a pure flat top. Either work fine. The one kind of pan that never works for me is a pan that has a straight lip and the egg mixture gets close to or touched the lip. Maybe an expert chef could make it work but I never can so I use a slopped or griddle top for mine. I don't flip till the bottom is fairly firm on the half that I'm going to flip. Then I gently run the spatula around and under the edge of the half I'm gonna flip. I then place the spatula under the 1 half and raise it and let it flop on the other half. At that time I hold the spatula on top of the now completed omelette to let it set. I know it's not the way an expert chef does it. Then again I can create an acceptable looking omelette now and the chefs have learned it after making 1,000s of omelletes. If you're lucky like I am, your family, or those you're serving care less about how it looks and more about how it tastes. In that realm I score at 9+ so I'm happy.
  12. Great looking and I'm sure tasting. The only negative I can saw is that top grate is way too clean. But I'm sure at the rate you said you're using it that will be fixed in short order. We've had our a couple years and LOVE IT. I see you live in Fl so humidity and that metal don't play well together. Be sure to when the coals are cold MT them and maybe even keep the ash tray off when not in use and kept in side if you can. The ash drop pan is what tends to rust out first. It's not too soon living in Fl to decide what kind of kamado do you want when your new toy rusts out and needs replaced. Another Akorn or a ceramic. If a ceramic then maybe start saving a little each payday so when it needs replaced you have most if not all that is required. Just my $0.02.
  13. For the price of the wicked edge pro I'm glad I went with the Tormek instead. 5698k true the Tormek doesn't have the 12000 grit wow capability but does have the additional Japaneese 4000 grit stone and included strop on the spindle. The fact that it has jigs to sharpen just about anything is why I went with it.
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