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  1. Mr. Maniac, Well done! You really have a flair for this video thing so I hope you can keep it up as the final product is awesome! Just great work and with so many cookers it really provides the viewer with some good perspective. Great sense of humor--i still laugh at one of your unboxing videos where you accidentally threw the box over the neighbor's fence! I know there is a ton of work behind your finished product so just wanted to say "thanks" and hope you have the time to make more! G
  2. Love your videos man! Regarding the meat source, I was considering a post on this very topic when yours popped up. I had been buying my steaks mainly from Sam's--USDA choice, black angus beef. A new costco opened here in town so i was eager to try their USDA prime, and did so a couple weeks ago. I was disappointed. The Costco prime did not compare well with the Sam's choice. I assume Sam's using black angus was the kicker--that is some good beef. Most butchers like to advertise if the beef is black angus, since Costco does not, I assume their beef is not black angus. I will stick with the Sam's USDA choice black angus. Plus for filets it's about $14 a pound, versus the $22 per pound for Costco prime.
  3. Fantastic video! You need some imagination and some style with these videos and you've got that in spades--the lighter fluid and massage segments cracked me up! Way to go--looking forward to more! Btw--how'd the brisket turn out compared to a brisket on the KK?
  4. BBM, great post and info. The Summit has me intrigued although i'm happy with my current setup. Will be interesting to see what kind of market develops for the Summit at its price point. Keep up the good work and videos! G P.S. Nerd
  5. i'm not too picky about the lump I use but I tried a bag of the Vision stuff from Sam's a couple months ago and will not buy it again. Others have noted the uneven quality and my experience confirmed it. Very, very sparky on lighting, I mean CRAZY sparky. Now I was using a MAPP torch, which exacerbates that phenomenon, but this was the worst I've experienced. I also thought it smelled funny--kind of like chemicals. Quite a bit of dust as well. YMMV of course. Let us know what you think.
  6. Congrats and nice setup. I am really enjoying my XL and with the weather improving I look forward to using it alot soon.
  7. Congrats and great pics! You can appreciate the size of these bad boys with that pic of you between them. Very nice!
  8. That must be how a local place here does it as well as their chicken in their chicken and broccoli dish has the texture your are describing. I will try it and thanks!
  9. Thanks CC et al. Yes, Jerry (the XL) is getting a bit spoiled by all the steak (as is my kid)--will have to do a low n slow very soon, or burgers! Finding the time has been the challenge lately.
  10. I hate this time of year (despite the extra hour of sleep). The clocks changed this morning and now it just gets too dark too soon. So let's do a cook in the dark! Steaks and grilled tomatoes are on the menu. Getting the Primo XL lit--sorry for the fuzziness: Everything prepped for the grill--some of the last of the cherry tomatoes from the garden and a bit of onion, plus some vino to sip: Fire up to temp: Steaks on! Steaks resting, veggies on! Finally remembered to do a plated shot--with some greens and leftover baked beans: After dinner stogie: Despite the time change it was a beautiful, crisp, still evening. Great food and great weather--I really can't complain!
  11. Congratulations ckreef! Thanks for the pics-they look great! Glad the missus is on board. That's one of the things that held me back a little from a KK. Then, we were sitting on the patio about a month ago and she saw the Primo XL in its stainless cart glistening in in the evening sun and she said something very uncharacteristic-- "that's a nice looking grill." My internal reaction was "If she likes that, she would have LOVED the cobalt blue KK!"
  12. No problem--thanks again for the recipe/pic and I hope all goes well.
  13. DerHusker--why didn't you grill the chicken?
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