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  1. Been a really long time since I posted but I am getting back into cooking so here goes. My joetisserie rod is missing and I need to find a replacement. Is there anyone out there that has replaced their joetisserie rod with something comparable or if there is anyone that could point me in the direction of a rod I can purchase. Any help or assistance would be fantastic.
  2. Wondering if anyone knows where to get a setup like this? Would totally live to have something like this to play with on my Junior. I reached out to original poster, but never heard back…
  3. A grocery store that I found out was a dealer. I bought the trifecta all at once and did demos for them to help them out and they sold units every time I came out.
  4. Never had a problem with the classic and I run a KAB. Will run all day, just need to fill the box. If I’m overloading with pork butts, will put the deflectors on the x rack for more charcoal capacity. Holds temps like a champ. All three joes do.
  5. I have never wrapped my deflectors and have never had an issue. I give them a little scrape when I am done cooking and flip the next cook.
  6. I want one. I have a blackstone and an Uuni but would like to try one of these out. I have made pizzas on the joes using the extenders on top of the grates with deflectors then pizza stones on top and love the results, but this screams cool to me. Maybe someone can make one appear on my doorstep so I can put it to use.
  7. I wish I could get another one, but they dont make them in black with the new hinge....
  8. I love the soapstone..... 4696054B-B84E-43A5-907B-32E1889002E8.MOV
  9. The soapstone was more non stick than the cast was and there was no break in period, I just had to get it hot. No maintenance. The soapstone appeared to retain the juices more and the burgers that I did in the picture above had a great crust but were so much juicier than the burgers cooked on cast. Hope that helps
  10. The soapstone really is an amazing surface. The cast iron is fine and all, but I don't see myself using it on a regular basis anytime soon just because of the seasoning of it, the cleaning of it, and the maintenance required. I have full sets of cast grates for big joe and classic, and have half griddles for big joe and classic and just don't see use for them anymore. I will use the soapstone to cook and sear and the main stainless grates for regular grilling I think.
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