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  1. Wondering if anyone knows where to get a setup like this? Would totally live to have something like this to play with on my Junior. I reached out to original poster, but never heard back…
  2. A grocery store that I found out was a dealer. I bought the trifecta all at once and did demos for them to help them out and they sold units every time I came out.
  3. Never had a problem with the classic and I run a KAB. Will run all day, just need to fill the box. If I’m overloading with pork butts, will put the deflectors on the x rack for more charcoal capacity. Holds temps like a champ. All three joes do.
  4. I have never wrapped my deflectors and have never had an issue. I give them a little scrape when I am done cooking and flip the next cook.
  5. I want one. I have a blackstone and an Uuni but would like to try one of these out. I have made pizzas on the joes using the extenders on top of the grates with deflectors then pizza stones on top and love the results, but this screams cool to me. Maybe someone can make one appear on my doorstep so I can put it to use.
  6. I wish I could get another one, but they dont make them in black with the new hinge....
  7. I love the soapstone..... 4696054B-B84E-43A5-907B-32E1889002E8.MOV
  8. The soapstone was more non stick than the cast was and there was no break in period, I just had to get it hot. No maintenance. The soapstone appeared to retain the juices more and the burgers that I did in the picture above had a great crust but were so much juicier than the burgers cooked on cast. Hope that helps
  9. The soapstone really is an amazing surface. The cast iron is fine and all, but I don't see myself using it on a regular basis anytime soon just because of the seasoning of it, the cleaning of it, and the maintenance required. I have full sets of cast grates for big joe and classic, and have half griddles for big joe and classic and just don't see use for them anymore. I will use the soapstone to cook and sear and the main stainless grates for regular grilling I think.
  10. I have classic and big joetisserie. Love them both don’t regret those purchases for a second.
  11. With all 3 you can’t go wrong... just sayin...
  12. Soapstone.... all the way. I have two for the classic and one for the Big Joe. Love ❤️ it like no other. I did a side by side and it doesn’t compare. Everyone noticed the difference.....
  13. I think the difference is in the plus sign pattern cut from the first gen to the second gen of lines at an angle. I have the second gen. I will post a pic of what I have.
  14. Its been a minute or two since I have posted anything. I have been cooking, just really really busy. So I just picked up a soapstone and laser cut with a Joetisserie for the BJ. I bought them with the intention of really stretching what I use the KJ for and I really hope to put it through its paces. I know John has the Laser cut, but does anyone else and what do you like it for? I have some pretty rad cooks in mind already for it, but would like to be inspired as well. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. Glad I am back.
  15. Congrats on the new grill you are going to love what you cook on it.
  16. Brake cleaner. Dissolved the hydraulic oil and decreases the shirt. Then throw in the wash. This only works with fresh stain. I’ve gotten transmission fluid on a white t shirt and have blasted it out.
  17. I bought one and did a prime rib with it. I monitored the temp in three locations using two thermoworks chef alarms and a thermoworks smoke. The unit held temp perfectly for 12 hours and pushed enough water around a 8 lb prime rib. Best 49 bucks I ever spent. This was to add to my two Anova WiFi precision cookers.
  18. The Sous Vide temp was at 136 and I left a waterproof probe in the bag and it took quite a while for it to hit 136 internal temp. From the look of it no one could tell and this really did melt in your mouth. You could cut with a fork off the roast if you wanted to but I sliced thick slices for those that wanted them. It went fast.
  19. This was 12 hour prime rib Sous Vide seasoned with prime rib rub from traeger with added garlic and added rosemary. Seared on the KJ Junior at nuclear, these are the results. Thanks
  20. I own all three and use the big joe the most. Just convenience really. You can’t go wrong with either so pick one and go!
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