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  1. Thanks, I fixed the top vent by loosening the screw and lubricating. My second try at slow smoked ribs yesterday was even better. I used some homemade rub on two racks and cooked 4 hours unfoiled @ 240 w/applewood chunks applying several different sauces the last 30 minutes. They had the bark, the smoke ring and were really tender but not falling off the bone which is fine.I don't think they could have been any better. I've done a lot of reading which really helped me Learn how to control the temps on these grills. Great forum here.
  2. Other than the bb ribs top meat part being a little dark and chewy(should I baste?) the first smoke unfoiled @260 for 4 hours was a success. I defiinatly need to fix the Lower vent leak but the top vent was sticking to the point that I had to use a rubber mallet to get it to move at all which made small adjustments tough. Anyone else had this problem?
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