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  1. Picked up a great pack of beef short ribs a while back and decided to make them for friends this weekend. First go on smoking them, have only braised them for winter comfort feeds. Trimmed of fat and silver skin then cut into 2 bone portions. Good coating of diamond salt and into open air fridge for the night. Coated with Big Beef Rub from Amazing Ribs and setup BJ for 225 indirect and hickory chunks. My wife made cornbread in terracotta pots on Jr about 30 mins before eating. First 6 portions were ready after about 8 hrs. Remainder came off 20 mins later. Nice motion to the meat. Clearly plenty of bark. Served with grilled peach salsa and arugula salad and plenty of big reds. Really rich, dense beef flavour to these. Glad we served this with light and fresh sides as opposed to classic BBQ sides. Let the unique rich beef stand alone. Cornbread came out fantastic as well. Will do more breads in KJ down the road.
  2. Van G

    KJ Top Vent

    Stainless steel on the BJ for me as well. Smokeware cap is a nice idea.
  3. Van G

    KJ Top Vent

    I've had these for several weeks (BJ and Jr) and wondered if I should take action to firm up the vent & daisy or just be patient and allow things to take care of itself through use? Having to adjust vent each time you open is a nuisance.
  4. Who sells pink salt? Costco, Bulk Barn, Grocery store
  5. Even if it is being eaten within a day? Or would the botulism form during the 5 day cure?
  6. What brand and where did you buy? I see Grizzly makes a good 4" castor with wide wheel. I think these are all zinc plated which means they should do okay outside.
  7. Picked up a pork belly to make my first bacon. Couple of quick questions in putting together my rub: - i'd like to keep the nitrates down - can I simply stick with kosher salt? - most I see use sweet in the rub (brown sugar, honey,...) Can this be eliminated if I want a savory/pepper end product? I have a 4 lb slab - was thinking of the following for rub: 1/4 c kosker salt 3 tbsp black pepper 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp thyme 1/2 tsp celery seed Is that enough rub? Thoughts on seasoning?
  8. Planning out a build for table to house KJ BJ & Jr. Looking for suggestions on wheels appropriate for Ontario climate (no rust and handle winter). Will be located in cedar deck so a soft larger wheel is probably needed given the weight. Either 2 or all 4 on castors. Table will be approx 40" x 82" - 36" high
  9. Started doing them on WSM, then Akorn, and next BJ. I aim for 160. I slice 1/4" thick so I have long strips of 1/4" by 1 1/2". Marinate for a day or 2. I've never hung my strips, always just lay them on out in tight pattern. Smoke with hickory usually. Have glazed a couple times half way through and take off while meat is still slightly soft/moist. Time varies from 3-5 hrs. If you pull a little early you can finish in oven. Since I want the meat with a bit of softer chew and some moisture I have to refrigerate my final product. I'll do a batch in the next couple weeks and document.
  10. I do jerky regularly on Kamado. Can't imagine it without smoke added. I do cut mine a little thicker than most (sticks vs. flat) and I also like my marinade spicy. Will post up when I do my first batch on Big Joe b
  11. Made the trip to The Butcher Shoppe and Cheese Boutique today with a buddy. Cheese Boutique is pretty good pricing on aged meats considering the type of retail it is. Butcher Shoppe was a home run. I made out with a massive pack of short ribs (good for 10), AAA for $50 and a pork belly for $15 that I'll take a crack at smoking my own bacon. My buddy dropped a quarter dime on brisket (5.59/lb) l, tenderloin and short ribs. Nice find. Thanks for the input.
  12. I'll have a look there as well. Cheers.
  13. Making a little lunch run to The Butcher Shoppe to check it out. If I were a wagering man, I'd bet I come home with a trunk full of meat.
  14. Built our lifestyle around these basic points: Balanced diet of whole foods Active lifestyle Minimize Stress Hope you find the right balance for you and enjoy life (which includes meals off a KJ)!
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