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  1. Been wanting to try to smoke a duck for awhile now. Great looking duck. I'm inspired to try one myself.
  2. I bought a 17" weber charcoal grate ($11 Amazon) that sits just above the coals around 2"-3" below the edge of the main grate. I set a 13" cast iron pizza (~$15) on it to use as a heat deflector for indirect cooking. See the mods section to add a 2nd cooking grill. I think it costs ~$20 for the parts from your local hardware store. this was the lowest cost option I've found that works. I'm going to look into the KJ setup as well. Thanks for posting. good price on that cypress grill. enjoy cooking on it.
  3. Nice work on the mod Kara. i'm on a budget and this looks great and cost a lot less than other accessories. I've been looking for a mod on the bayou classic for a few weeks and this should do it. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I'm looking for additional grill racks system to expand the uses of the grill. Has anyone found if KJ rack system works on the BC? I believe it's 0.5" smaller but it might still work.
  5. I've had mine 2 weeks and food comes out great. Ceramic looks like it's high quality and I like the cypress glaze. Made the mods suggested on this site and can't be happier. Nuts and bolts could fit better but got it for $550 at Lowes so I'm not too annoyed with it. overall very happy with the purchase.
  6. Hello all. Waiting for my Bayou Classic. Should arrive tomorrow. Found a lot of useful information here and looking forward to grilling. BTW Lowes just lowered their price to $550 in Cypress, TX.
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