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  1. I use starter squares and stack some big pieces of lump charcoal over the squares. I use one or two squares depending on the temp of the cook.
  2. Just a simple table I built in the official colors of UGA to hold my KJ.
  3. Good job Brad, I'll have to try that but sub in something else for the asparagus.
  4. I put my Weber smoking tube on a doubled up piece of tin foil on top of my lump. Never had a problem with this method.
  5. I use Apple and like the flavor for salmon and cheese.
  6. Looks great Brad, I'll have to try these. I've got a recipe for salmon cakes I might try using your recipe as well.
  7. You can also find some good commercial rubs in stores for salmon. I found a great one on sale at The Home Depot this year when all the BBQ stuff was marked down this past fall. They had a coffee rub I put on steaks that's killer as well.
  8. I dry brine my salmon in brown sugar and rock salt and then cold smoke it using my Weber tube in the KJ for 2 hours and when I hit the last half hour I microwave some raspberry jam and brush it on the salmon. I usually jam half the salmon and the other half just gets smoke. It's fantastic in salmon dip and great after it sits in my garage fridge for a week. I'll often cut a huge Costco fillet into smaller fillets for the smoking process and vacuum seal them and keep them in the fridge and make my dip or eat a small fillet with some cheese I've smoked with the salmon.
  9. When I was a kid we had Oxtail Stew once a month because it was a cheap, inexpensive cut of meat. I made some a year ago as comfort food and was shocked to see how expensive it is now. Your cook looks great, nice job!
  10. I've seen some pork belly at Costco, after seeing this I might buy some and try this.
  11. Awesome looking cook Brad, Kudos on a great job! Those look like they'd be great on a sandwich as leftovers.
  12. Man we had a great time! Everyone in South Bend was so gracious and nice and the stadium was packed with UGA fans, almost half the stadium was im red and black. It's a beautiful campus and stadium. The crowd was electric and it was a great game! GO DAWGS!!
  13. My son and I are driving to Fairborn, Ohio tomorrow, spending the night and going to the Air Force Museum Friday and on to Indiana Friday and meeting some friends Friday afternoon. We'll spend all day Saturday in South Bend looking at Notre Dame's rich history then the Georgia vs Notre Dame game Saturday Night. GO DAWGS!!
  14. My Mother-In-Law is from India and makes her own Naan and yours looks just as good as hers, well done!
  15. Sauced with Sweet Baby Ray's Cola Sauce on the left, naked on the right. I have to admit, they were amazingly juicy and tender and you can't taste the mayo or see it on the ribs at all.
  16. So I thought I'd try the mayo ribs today, being a Southern Boy of course I'm using Duke's and topping it with Butcher's BBQ Honey Rub.
  17. I use the Rutland bulk count and remove them from the cheap box they come in and place them in a gallon zip lock bag and store them in a tote storage container along with my other tools. A box of 144 has lasted me years and they have never failed to light. On most cooks I use just one starter in the middle wedged into a hole and once it gets started burning I build a mound of larger charcoal over it.
  18. I'll have to try the Mayo rub base, I think the hard part is getting over the appearance of the mayo on the meat. I have a friend who swears by the mayo on a steak before pan frying it on cast iron at high temp. He says it makes the juiciest steak he's ever had,
  19. I made some smoked deviled eggs 3 weeks ago. One thing that I did that worked out well was to just smoke the egg yolk paste. I have a smoking matt and I simply halved the boiled yolks and placed them on the matt and smoked them for 30 minutes. I didn't smoke the egg white part because I was afraid it would pick up a strange color or texture from the smoking. I then made my usual recipe of mashed yolks with mayonnaise, added relish, mustard, salt, celery salt and pepper. I made a dozen eggs so I had 24 deviled eggs so half of the yolk mixtures got some diced bacon added and the other 12 got shredded sharp cheddar cheese added to its mixture. I served them with pulled pork and coleslaw, my family and friends who came over loved them and I'll definitely make them again.
  20. I'd like to see the Krispy Kreme bread pudding recipe and pictures of that
  21. Rainer Cherries are spectacular and once you try them regular cherries don't cut it anymore. I have a friend who makes "Dawg Balls" for football season by taking cherries and putting them in Vodka to sit for a couple of months. He recommends Chocolate Vodka for the Maraschino Cherries but I might try the Rainer's with some spiced rum.
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