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  1. For Canadian gurus if you can find stock.
  2. Looks good. I started with a spatula and now use a drywall trowel!
  3. Dang... we have had only one year of a KJ roadshow in Costco Canada. We just get Flat Stacks™ Silicone Food Storage Containers!
  4. We had about 20km of hiway closed in Calgary with accidents all over. We called it bad weather.
  5. I think I pooched my controller. Maybe a flameboss or ikamand are in my future.
  6. Well just replaced the fan yesterday with an aftermarket fan. Tested for 30 min no issues. Put the unit away and today when plugging in the fan starts immediately and never shuts off? I’m guessing I shorted the controller somehow? Temp reads fine, can access menus etc. Just the fan starts when powered and never shuts off. Even simulated reaching temp and still runs. pooched?
  7. When you call in for a replacement see if you can get one of the new style ones.
  8. Hold off for one of the new daisy wheels!
  9. Any joetisserie tips. Mrs and I have a tiny little 8lb bird. May contain up to 6% water is ok to brine?
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