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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. I love loved my breakfast. It was delicious. Dare I say Cracker Barrel doesn't have anything on you. Thank you so much for the delectable meal.
  2. Love the whole dessert. It look super easy and tasty. Great Entry.
  3. Yes I am. I use them every time I bake. No smoke profile and I get good grilling results every time.
  4. Thank you @Lydia. I love baking. That's where I can got creative and have fun.
  5. Thank you @AntinOz. Never had it with Apple. Might have to try that.
  6. Thank you @lunchman. Def give it a go. So good..
  7. That sounds delicious. I do Raspberries alot. Good stuff.
  8. Thank you @GrillnBrew. I seen it at Fresh Market, so headed there first, but No Rhubarb... Only out in Season for so long so I thought my idea was doomed but headed to Kroger. I was in luck.. They had abundance of them. So glad I check there. Im guessing, alot of people eat them than I thought. Strawberry and Rhubarb is very popular with bakers but I need to see what other recipes are out there for Rhubard to try.
  9. Thank you @Ron5850. I'm with you on that. Every time I see one of these pies, I'm drooling with envy. Will do again forsure.
  10. Thank you @TKOBBQ. Fun pie to make. Also the smell of it cooking on the grill, is amazing.
  11. Thank you @keeperovdeflame. Love this pie. Well with a challenge it better look good.. Lol. The braids were the hardest to get on there but with brush egg wash, they finally stayed on. Once it was cooking I thought they were going to fall off. But they stayed.. Yay...
  12. Thank you @KJTerp. I haven't seen plants of Rhubarb to grow my own, but I would give it a go. Didn't realize it takes that long to grow them. Have to actually look it up to see what it envolves to grow. Love the tartness. Let us know how they are coming along.
  13. Great looking pie. Thank goodness for Granny's. Great Entry.
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