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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. Wow! I may not like tofu but to make it was great. I'm guessing it took alot of time from start to finish. You get a A+ for for braving this cook. Great Entry
  2. Thank you @Rob_grill_apprenticedifficult challenge, but I did it
  3. Thank you @KismetKamadoit is hard to have a nice colorful photo without veggies for sure
  4. Thank you. I had a hard time figuring this one out. Yes he can think them up can't he!???
  5. Don't think I have ever seen veggie protein. But it worked. Great Entry
  6. Nope not this time. I'm working...
  7. Look like you got it figured out. Looks delicious
  8. Looks very delicious. We love left over pork too. He food save them and just put in boiling water. A easy week night cook. Great cook
  9. See I am one of those girls from the (poor South) that eat spam, ham in a can. Other than being a little salty, I can handle it. And to do these 3-different ways...wow! I def want to try them. Sneak this one by @ckreeftoo. Great Entry
  10. Lol.. I am probably guilty that too, cause I did name mine that. But that's ok if you would have, love bake beans with Molasses. Yum! Great Entry
  11. I did look at a recepie like this one but I think you hit this one out the park. Great Entry
  12. I want to try that. Might have to sneak it in on @ckreef. I think I would have even seconds. Great Entry
  13. Not much of a Seafood person but you got all the components, so that count for something. Nice plating
  14. This is my Challenge Cook Enchilada Casserole Ingredients Didn't put lot of stuffing in because, one or the other wouldn't like it, so went basic. Season the Chicken and let it sit bout a hour(no pic, oops) Added some Mexican Rice for the side Got it layer with chicken, taco shells, Enchilada sauce, white cheese sauce and put on grill @390* for bout 40 minutes. Was a little soupy.put way to much white cheese, but the flavor was there. You know when you going to do a plated shot, you have see it in your mind but this time I felt I miss my mark. Cause each food looks the same, in color, & texture...well anyways. Guess I need to stop beating myself up ...lol I'm already looking for the next Challenge. Plated Shot.........(won't say Money shot this time) Thanks for looking Skreef
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