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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @Bgosnell151. It was very good.
  2. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @daninpd. I serve it with Thousand Island dressing. Thats what Schlotzsky's put on there Sanwiches.
  3. skreef

    Woven BLATZO Wrap

    Nice job on all the weaving. I like the green one. Very neat cook. Great entry
  4. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @KismetKamado@KismetKamado. Yes I think sauerkraut would have been better.. But slaw did work well. Sauerkraut goes thru a fermenting process.. Add salt to cabbage in a jar and cover with cheese cloth and place in cool and out of direct light or in fridge. Maybe I will give it ago one day. Sounds simple enough to make.
  5. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @TKOBBQ. It was.. This corn beef had a brine which has a little more salt than like or need... Maybe next time I would do differently
  6. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @Smoke and Awe. I'm always looking for different and easy. Must try. It was very good.
  7. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @King19well don't give up. Around here, we won't let food defeat us. We keep on til we find what we like. Just keep tweaking it.
  8. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @Panchango. I love slaw too. Just about any variety.
  9. skreef

    Corn Beef Brisket Weave

    Thank you @MD_Ag. Who are Rachel's?
  10. This is my Challenge cook I wanted to cook something I haven't cook or tried at Home, so Corn Beef was chosen. I love Corn Beef. Never had it off a Grill.. And it turn out Super Great. We used to have a place in Augusta, Ga. They sold Ruben Sanwichs.. They were the bomb called Schlotzsky's.. But before I moved away they close it down.. Didn't understand why, because they were so good. So I thought I would give this a go. Ingredients : Grill Corn Beef, Swiss Cheese and Pizza Crust On Grill Direct around 275* for bout 6 hours After direct, I foiled it, cook for another few hours All done.. I let it rest in a Towel in my cooler for bout a hour Slice it and set up to put it all together in a weave. Brought the grill up to 350* cook for 20 mins Sliced I wanted to to put Sauerkraut on it when I layered it, but family don't like it, besides I wanted it fresh and it would take 2 weeks to make fresh, so that wasn't going to happen, so opt for Cole Slaw which everyone likes. So Win Win As you can see, its on our Coffee Table. It's Movie Night. Thanks for looking
  11. Yea.. I love cheese cake and I love to eat pepper jelly over cream cheese which I bought more today. This is what I think it would almost taste like.
  12. skreef

    Cast Iron Quiche

    Whick ham you use? A breakfast ham? Which has some salt... But I love salt.. I dont eat as much now, but love it the same.. Ketchup would be good on that.
  13. skreef

    How Hot is It?

    Have you seen a walking stick?
  14. skreef

    How Hot is It?

    Wow haven't seen a praying mantis in a while. Thats a big guy. Kewl pic
  15. This I think I would really like. It is so different and gorgeous. We enjoy jalapeño poppers so much I think I ought to make this. I'm sure his son wont eat it, so probably have to make him something else. Very creative.