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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. I guessing @philpom with all that seasoning. You had a very tasty cook.
  2. Wow! As a Georgia girl... Not sure I can handle that kind of cold. But glad you push forward to finish. That's a great use of pork. Love it.
  3. Nice looking chunk of meat. Love the sizzling sound...
  4. Yes I agree @Grill_Boy. We eat this cut at least once a week. It's one of those cuts you can grill on a week night. Having dinner at a decent time.
  5. What a great cook @Lydia. Very colorful. Enjoy eating light too. Great Entry.
  6. We like to see who can out do the other
  7. Great entry @Golf Griller. I know @ckreefloved your style. Loved the mushroom idea.
  8. Great cook @gotzero. We use Ghee around here too.
  9. As you know @ckreefgreat cook
  10. I'm like everyone else, kudos on being creative. Haven't seen that kind of cooking before, I don't think. Great Entry.
  11. Great entry @Team402.. Love the spooning butter and flavor over the steak.. (I watch Gordan Ramsey do that on his cooking shows) .I want to do a steak That way one day. I like my steaks more rare than yours but your cooking technique was great. Also love the idea of supporting our local farmers
  12. Thank you @Family_cook. I love that you can get a even cook on a grill. Same Timing is the key on all side of the Steak.
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