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  1. @CentralTexBBQ.. Yes I know but we hardly ever eat out because @ckreef only like his food but always say things as in "should have needed more cook time, need more flavor, shouldn't have cook it to long and on and on..... So does he really like his food is the question?
  2. Great Plating. Great looking meal.
  3. Great meal. I love bone in. Looks super delicious. We roasterie whole chickens, which is the bomb. Sorry bout the salt. I guess a Doctor would hate me. Couldn't give it up. (Daddy taught me bad habits).
  4. I'm definitely not a Snob of any food. I grew up eating everything on the farm. Had our milk, homemade butter, vegetables, Beef, Pork, Chickens... Etc... I do laugh @ckreef. For me it was a blessing to be able to eat especially after a hard day of harvesting . I didn't grow up knowing what its like to eat out and try different foods. That didn't really come til I was adult. So for me to walk in a Restaurant chain for the most part, I enjoy my food. I guess we all had different lives where we had or didn't have. I miss going to certain places I like but don't really want to drag @ckreef out if he's not going to enjoy his food(except Cracker Barrel, love there food) . I love all the country cooking that I was raised on but @ckreef don't like most vegetables so I go without cause no reason to buy for just me. But @ckreef is so critical of his food when most of the time it's great. Me, I just eat it... But thru dinner he is constantly hating it. Lightening up@ckreef it's all good.
  5. When I cook Brussel I cook bacon and Grill the Brussel in the bacon fat. Sprinkle with cook bacon and I make a Raspberry Puree. Yummy!
  6. No if I remembered.. He just rolled it in coconut and grilled.
  7. Love some pineapple on the grill. The pairing with ice cream would be the bomb. Great Entry
  8. Love chocolate cheesecake as well. Great idea on the strawberries. Nice Money Shot.
  9. That is a great Entry. As ckreef said we love pig candy. My favorite is with Coconut.need him to make more sometimes. Plating looks spot on. Great job!
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