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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. Thank you Mr. John. Yep @ckreefmight just loose a grill to the Misses. I let him think for a couple days it's his....mum's the word. Skreef is in for a steal ...
  2. Well I too am very stuffed..... I am ready to roll to the bed as I type this....mercy....but @ckreefyou out did yourself. It was absolutely delicious. Worthy of any White Table Cloth Restaurant......one thing tho I felt like I worked a Restaurant Kitchen of dishes...but it was worth all your hard work. Thanks for a great meal Love.
  3. @philpom I told @ckreefwe were going to try your soup. Looks delicious.
  4. Lol @daninpd. It def was a comfort Soup for sure. I was ready to go to sleep after a bowl of it.
  5. O wow! You have to try it. We love Taco Soup. A easy Soup to put together.
  6. Thank you @len440. Haven't thought of frying flour tortillas. Kewl idea.
  7. Thank you @adm. The taco strips not only colorful, they taste great in the soup. We love them.
  8. Thank you @TKOBBQ. Taco Soup is one our favs.
  9. O yeah. So easy. A week day cook for sure. Just now having a little bit of cool afternoons. Thank you @daninpd.
  10. Thank you @KismetKamado. A very easy soup. We love it too.
  11. It seems nothing go exactly when cooking on grill, but look like it turn out well. Looks delicious. Great cook.
  12. Not a Seafood person but that was alot of work, but the ending results was very much worth it. Great Entry. Great Plated shot
  13. Love a great Tomato Soup. Everything looks great. Great Entry
  14. Great Entry. I believe @ckreefwould love your Soup. Looks delicious.
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