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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. Look like most or all the fat render out. Nice cook
  2. That looks great. We had Lamb. It was really good. We had a reduction sauce to go with it, even though ckreef didn't think it was good cause it hadn't thicken enough but to me this was a really great Lamb cook with a great tasting sauce.
  3. Where is this cheese available at?
  4. It probably would. Coase I think I could ate the apple chutney as a meal. Lol
  5. Yes we use paper towels to dry it as best we could... Coarse I made apple and corn chutney. That was great. If I cooked tofu again def will make the chutney again.. Just went well together.
  6. Glad to hear. Yes in about july peaches will be ready. I'm sure we will get some grilled peaches made during that time. Cant wait
  7. How was the potatoes? Were they smokey tasting? Looks good.
  8. Love skillet spaghetti. I bet it is the bomb. Nice cook
  9. Welcome to the club. Love chicken and that bird looks beautiful.
  10. I did a tofu challenge. It wasn't bad but not a fan... Great cook tho.
  11. Not a big trout fan. Maybe I just never had them on a grill. Great catch and cook
  12. Mac and cheese looks really tasty. I had Gouda cheese with apples for my lunch today. Love that cheese. Great cook.
  13. Good to see ya Rak... Great cook. Its like a bicycle right??
  14. I would take a order of the Buffalo chicken stix... O and charge it to ckreef.