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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. skreef

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    The whole meals looks great. Great Entry.
  2. skreef

    Sticky Asian Ribs

    We love Asian Ribs. Its really a no fail cook. Yours looks delicious.
  3. This is my favorite recipe for beans. @ckreeftest this recipe several times getting ready for our wedding in 2014. No more tweaking nessesary for these. So much flavor. Good stuff.
  4. Yayyy today is the day we get to eat the BBQ challenge. It's be difficult getting this food and sauces ready but couldn't eat it before we ready to post. Especially after our buns were made.. They smelled so good. I still got to get our dessert ready for today which I did a test run last weekend. Just a little adjustment on the dough part it should come out good. We'll see. Hope everyone is enjoying getting yours together.
  5. This is def out of the box worthy. Great Entry
  6. I see a upgrade in your future..
  7. skreef

    Reef's Herb Garden

    And finally after 2 years our Black Iris Bloom as well. Just Beautiful. Got 2 flowers this Spring. I guess have to wait next year to see them again.
  8. Looked good from here. Great cook
  9. skreef

    Colossal U6 Stuffed Shrimp

    As @ckreefknows Im not a Seafood fan but them Shrimp taste great. With the crab meat topping it is very delicious. I can eat these with no problem. Don't know the difference but glad I gave them a go when we were on our honeymoon. The Steak.. Prime cut, And they were. I actually gave it the "Spoon Test". The Spoon cut it up with ease. And the Blueberry bbq Sauce, Well lets just say I used my Spoon All around best meal we had in a while. Way to go Love.
  10. Yes I agree. Challenges are for out of the box.
  11. Thank you @Ron5850. Def wanted to do something out the box. Figure of speech that is.
  12. Thank you @Bgosnell. I ate my Pizza part first. It was good but the steak and cheese was the best treat.
  13. skreef

    Chicken and Corn on the KJ

    Not sure how it really works but maybe corn absorb alot of the heat. But it looks good.
  14. skreef

    RICE ANd Beans

    Look like a easy peasy dinner. Love that.
  15. skreef

    Store bought pizza crust

    Great Pizza. Surprise grandkids love those veggies. Hard to get kids to eat veggies anyway. Great Pizza.