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  1. Any time we loading the Grill and get it started, it's always a 45 min soak heat time. We never put anything on til at least 45 later.
  2. Delicious meal. I def could eat that. @ckreef doesn't eat beans either. Well I guess he eats a couple of them, but I love all kinds. This is a great Entry. And as for challenging your self in cooks you would never do, works great for challenges.
  3. I love meals without meat sometimes. And being a Catholic also, I always enjoy Lent which is a special season. Love your meatless "Bean" Challenge Cook. Great Entry.
  4. Thank you @KismetKamado def the Chicken is a plus on the Grill to add to the Pot. It kicks it up a notch. Looking forward to all the Entries. This will be a great Challenge and one that will be hard to vote on.
  5. When I was trying to decide what I wanted to make, I almost wanted to make something that beans was used as a paste within the meal...but been working longer days so cheap out on something more easy. So your burger would have been a good idea in my mind. Looks delicious. Great Entry.
  6. Love Sweet Potatoes. Your entry looks great. Never would have thought of this. Def a sweet and savory dish. Great Entry.
  7. Thank you @Ron5850. Very surprising but it really did. I will eat this again forsure.
  8. Thank you @Golf Griller, beans are kinda a starch we don't eat much here but I really enjoyed this dish. I know you got a good recipe up your sleeve. Looking forward to it.
  9. Thank you @adm. I love those things too.
  10. Thank you @ckreef. Def will. Mine was great as leftovers for lunch today. Hope you enjoyed yours.
  11. Thank you @len440. Was a good surprise on flavor. Hope you do try. It won't disappoint.
  12. This is my Bean Challenge cook Beans - Chicken with Gnocchi I love Gnocchi, so anytime I can fit them in a meal I do. First thing I did, I soaked the beans in water and put in fridge overnight. Ingredients: Got the Grill up to 325* and put Beans on for about 2 hours. Next I drain the beans, and added next ingredients. Next pic I added onions, and Diced Tomatoes. Let then cook bout 20 minutes. Grill Chicken Breast seasoned them with Italian seasoning and Garlic Powder and minced garlic and added it to pot. Which cooked bout 30 minutes.
  13. That looks delicious. We do a Pull Pork and Mac & Cheese here at home alot. One of our favorites. Great cook.
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