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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry me and ckreef haven't been on here in a while. Just had alot on our Plate. It's settling down now, so figure we would jump back on the Challenges. These Rolls are 30 minutes from Start to Finish including grill time. I wanted some Yeast Rolls to make even on a week night and clicked on the first recipe I saw and read it thru and gave them a try. Made twice in Oven but had to give them a go on the grill. Ingredients: Simple ingredients Mixed all up Placed in a greased pan, covered w
  2. Yes you did. I use the coconut cause it doesn't have a smoke profile. I use it for delicate cooks such as breads and desserts.
  3. Never heard of the name but recognized "donuts". Make me want to go make some. Great "sweet" cook
  4. Yes you need to try one. This is my tie dye one
  5. Thank you @TKOBBQyes it all came out well. I surprised myself.
  6. Thanks @KismetKamadoLove Cheesecake off the grill
  7. Lol.. @philpom... We have been busy but I finally got it done. Yes the Soup turn out great.
  8. Thank you @GrillnBrew winter Veggies were great. Wasn't sure I like Kale. Haven't ate it but once I think. Will try Spinach the next time.
  9. Thanks @ckreefGlad you enjoyed. It's left overs tonight. Probably it will be better.
  10. @gotzero I love making Cheesecake on the grill. I think it's my thing. And Apple was great.
  11. Thanks so much. Going to make these. Love Almond. Thanks for sharing
  12. Rustic Autumn 5 Course Meal My Challenge Cook Autumn and Apple Theme Appitizer Seafood Lettuce Cups Autumn Wild Rice Soup serve with Homemade Bread W/Honey Butter Steak with Shrimp Cream Sauce, Serve with Potatoes Autumn Apple Salad w/Apple Cider vinaigrette Autumn Apple Cheesecake with Carmel
  13. We love using our Koro grill. @ckreefdoes a great job prepping all the meal. You did a great job too. Never thought about Avocado. Great Entry
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