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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. Yes hear ya.. We slowly move forward on buying other items to cook on or cook with... It takes time
  2. Pizza looking good. After she finds out how quick dinner can be, she might like to own a Blackstone.
  3. Those looks and sounds great.
  4. Looks beautiful bosco... The wings that is.... Coarse I love watching it snow. Only in a blue moon here tho.
  5. Everything looking good. Grills looks nice out there
  6. Glad I did.
  7. I would cook it for at least 4 or 5 hours on low temp. In plenty of liquid.. Add veggies closer to time its ready. (bout a hour before its done.. 2 hours probably didnt render the fat good.
  8. Thank you shortyque. We will see if we can get.
  9. I hear ya. It's funny cause ckreef and I don't really like them but we will eat them. If that makes since.
  10. Great looking bread... Don't think I would be upset when ckreef say hes cooking more bread... Homemade is the best and delicious on the grill. Great job.
  11. Nice pies. Nothing like hungry teens. Next time you have to do a pizza dessert to top it off... Lol..
  12. That is a superb looking meal for lent. We need to eat more fish at our house. Fish is awesome on the grill. Love the pocket idea.
  13. You welcome ckreef