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    Love outdoors..Love to cook and I love to Fish. Im just a simple country girl who loves the simple things in Life
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  1. skreef

    Creamy Alfredo Sauce with Shrimp

    I hope you get to. Very good I promise
  2. skreef

    KK Cook - Kinda

    Nice cook
  3. skreef

    Hurricane Michael

    We are find. Didnt have power for a day but we managed. At work we didn't have internet or power so no work on pass Thursday.. Woke up this morning no power. A big oak tree fell,but they got power back on. Glad you and Family are OK. Thanks for asking
  4. skreef

    Grilled Sofrito Swordfish

    Congratulations on the Win. Great Cook.
  5. Thank you @Edward Cook. I posted the recipe in the Seafood recipe Section. Hope you get to try. It's a very easy recipe. No more Jar Alfredo for this girl.
  6. Thank you @Ron5850. The Bruschetta was very good.love food that has fresh ingredients.
  7. Thank you @In2Fish. It came out pretty good. I'm out of the Orange habernaro seasoning. I got to get me some more.
  8. Shrimp Alfredo 1/2 cup Butter 2 cups Heavy Cream 4oz Cream Cheese 1/2 tsp minced Garlic 1tsp Garlic Powder 1 cup Parmesan Cheese 1/4 tsp Salt 1/4 tsp Pepper 1tsp Italian Seasoning Melt butter, add Heavy Cream and Cream Cheese then add all Seasoning. Cook bout 6 minutes(continue to stir so butter and cream don't separate) or so til thick, add Parmesan at the end. When melted remove from heat Pour over your Favorite Pasta Grill your Shrimp or any Seafood you choose. This is a Simple but Flavorful Alfredo Sauce, so bout any meats work. Hope you enjoy! Susan
  9. Thank you @bel4_20. Very filling meal, no doubt.
  10. Thank you @CentralTexBBQ. Glad @ckreef let me cook/grill once in a while
  11. Thank you @Smokehowze. Def a fun cook. @ckreefand I will share.
  12. Thank you @Lydia. The bread was def a challenge. I took my time putting it together. I want to get into more bread making, but hate cleaning after we destroy the kitchen with all the flour flying. Lol
  13. Thank you @Thunder77. I think one of the fun part is to convince guru it taste great(which it did) with a colorful photo.
  14. Thank you @KismetKamado. I can deal with Seafood in Alfredo Sauce. Will make again.
  15. Thank you @Scott Roberts. It was great