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  1. I know. Love Brie with apples, grapes.. Etc..
  2. Wow! Don't think they are $40 that good... Lol
  3. They just keep growing. Maybe I need some weed killer...
  4. Oooo pear sounds good. Yes digging out little bit can add more sweetness.
  5. Thank you @Bgosnell151 so many choices to cook Brie. I love the sweeter side of Brie. Fruit, compote.. Etc.
  6. Yes I cook on Kamado. Bake the Brie around *425 or so for bout 20 minutes.
  7. Lol @SeaBrisket Im am such a Brie fan. I do like blueberries too. Good stuff!
  8. 195* temp is way to low.. I like around 250* or 275. Also I do the 321 method. Maybe try that next time you do Ribs.
  9. That looks so good. I love Mac & Cheese. Homemade perferbly. It's so versatile. You can add jalapeƱo, bell peppers, fried onions(which the way we like them). Great side. I'm sure they scarf it up.
  10. Thank you @Rob_grill_apprenticeit was a nice lunch for CK & I
  11. It probably wasn't as good as yours but we had a very nice brunch. Thanks for sharing with me.
  12. Hi Guru's This is my Challenge for Just Stuff It. @ckreef, @gotzeroand others had posted a Grilled Brie in the past. So hope I did it right... I love Brie with all the choices that you can choose from to stuff. I chose Ranier Cherries. They are back In stock at Walmart. Which is a limited time. These Cherries are sweet but has this taste close to a Peach. Very good Cherries. Ingredients : I started on my compote first. Cut them small pieces. Also if you like Cherries, this gadget will do the trick for pitting them fast and easy. Then I put them in a sugar to cook down. Then toward the end I added more cherries to still have some color. Next I cut my Brie in halve with one side thinner for the top. I dug out some cheese to make room for compote(I like alot). Filled Brie with Cherry Compote Getting my pastry ready. Egg wash. More egg wash once wrap. Wrapped in Pastry. Ready for the Grill. All Done.. Grill Pic Couple of plated shots I think it could went another five minutes but in the end it tasted great. Thanks for looking SK
  13. I'm guessing if you watching your cholesterol, you might go easy on this one... Since I don't have too, I would dive into that. Sounds so good. @ckreefand I love cabbage on the grill. Great Entry!
  14. @gotzero what a great setup you have. Love Calzones that pack a punch that's pours out with pure goodness and yours def does that. Great cook and entry.
  15. @ckreef great cook love. You can do this again anytime.
  16. Great cook @lunchman. Nice looking lobster. Very nice plated shot.
  17. Only way I ever ate oryters is oryters soup.. Well never actually eating the oryters... But love how the soup taste. Maybe have to try this to see if I like them.. Maybe oneday. Great cook and entry. Nice presentation.
  18. @DerHusker. You always make me want to go to a Beautiful Island of beaches. Fantastic cook and pics.
  19. Things happens for a good reason.. Great cook!
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