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  1. Thank you @adm. The taco strips not only colorful, they taste great in the soup. We love them.
  2. Thank you @TKOBBQ. Taco Soup is one our favs.
  3. O yeah. So easy. A week day cook for sure. Just now having a little bit of cool afternoons. Thank you @daninpd.
  4. Thank you @KismetKamado. A very easy soup. We love it too.
  5. It seems nothing go exactly when cooking on grill, but look like it turn out well. Looks delicious. Great cook.
  6. Not a Seafood person but that was alot of work, but the ending results was very much worth it. Great Entry. Great Plated shot
  7. Love a great Tomato Soup. Everything looks great. Great Entry
  8. Great Entry. I believe @ckreefwould love your Soup. Looks delicious.
  9. This soup would def be one I would enjoy. Looks almost like a "Southern" Style Soup. A comforting Food. Love Potato soups. Great Entry.
  10. I think you did a fine job. Looks great. I prefer Roastiserie(seems to be more mosit), But since our Roastiserie is broke, @ckreefspatchcock them. Still always delicious. Great cook
  11. This is my Soup Challenge We Love Taco Soup at the Reef's House. So it was a no brainier what to make. Ingredients: Browned the Hamburger Meat then added the Bell Pepper and Red Onion. Sauteed them bout a minute or so. Then I added Pepirika, Red Pepper Flakes, Chili Seasoning, Cumin, Garlic, Oregano and Bay Leaves. Next all the other ingredients are added. Tomatoes, Tomato sauce, Great Northern Beans, and Corn. Put on Grill. 300 degrees which gave it a nice slow boil. Kept on grill for bout 2 hours. My Plated Shot We often eat Taco Soup from a bag, which is great for week night easy meal. But I think for now on Homemade is the way to go. Added Cheddar Cheese and Taco Strips. This Recipe was very Delicious. Thanks for looking Skreef
  12. Wow! @keeperovdeflameyou are so talented. I use to draw alot, haven't done that in a long while. Very pretty rocks.
  13. We went out riding today. Was a great day to be out and about. Fun times.
  14. Nice looking bikes. However, the color coordination between the bike and Mrs. @skreef is a bit unsettling... Lol....that is the idea.... Don't want no one running over me. Want to be seen. Wanted it to just pop with color. Coarse I'm a matchy kind of girl lol..... I also have one in storage I bought years ago (just a Walmart bike) but @ckreeftold me my bike needs to be a "kewl bike" to ride next to his bike ..
  15. Thank you @KismetKamado. It was a very low sugar Recepie. Only thing I think I would do differently, would be to take rest of dry ingredients sugar and chocolate which said dust over the top of the bread then add ganache. I would incorporate the dry ingredients into the ginache sauce, To give it a more Chocolate goodness.
  16. Thank you @adm. I used two different recipe's. I use the dough recipe on one and the other for the Chocolate part. I'm guessing, Monkey Bread could be very versatile.
  17. Thank you @Ron5850the bread was not overly sweet. Sometime Chocolate can be to rich, but this wasn't like that, so there for you could indulge.
  18. Love jalapenos, so I am sure I would have it. Keep saying I want to make a jalapeno cornbread. I will try it one day. Great Entry
  19. Great croissants. They look great. Great Entry
  20. Lol...see what he got. I should get some honey do's out of him for this...
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