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  1. Thinking you were cutting it as in "Cinnamon Roll cut" so how did you have the end result. Did you put slices in the roll up dough? Asking cause Breads interest me how they look too pretty to eat. I think it came out great, Whatever you did. Great Entry.
  2. This is my Bread Challenge Cook Chocolate Monkey Bread Had a hard time deciding on what kind of bread I wanted to do. Just so many kinds out there to try. But in the end, I stuck to what I knew. Chose one Bread recipe for this type of cook and the rest was just adding what we like. In this case, this was made with @ckreefin mind. He loves his Chocolate. So I got my ingredients together. Forgot to add my coco powder in pic. Got first ingredients in mixer with the yeast. Once yeast bubble, bout 5 minutes, I added the rest of the flour. Now let this rise 2 hours. I forgot my finished rise, but it rosed over the top. Made a Butter and Brown sugar sauce which I poured half in my bundt pan. After I punch the dough down, I rolled some dough balls. Made a dry Sugar and Chocolate powder mix. Put dough balls in the Chocolate Powder and Sugar mix and stack in bundt pan with melted Butter and Brown sugar . I sprinkle the rest of the Sugar and Coco powder mix on top and poured melted Chocolate, and Butter sauce on top. Put on grill for 325* for 35 minutes. The final touch. Added Chocolate Chips Now the taste test. O my goodness...that is so tasty. I have made Monkey Bread but Not Homemade and never made a Chocolate. So I ask myself "Why did I Wait so long?". Will make again. The one thing bout this it is not overly sweet. Which is why I love this recipe. Hope everyone gets to try one of these. Thanks for Looking Skreef
  3. Wow alot of baking there. All looks delicious. Love anything made of fresh breads+ desserts.
  4. Need to get one of those mill thingys....love the idea of making your own flour. Great Entry.
  5. I think @ckreefwould love that bread. He is a big chocolateholic.... looks delicious.
  6. Any time we loading the Grill and get it started, it's always a 45 min soak heat time. We never put anything on til at least 45 later.
  7. Delicious meal. I def could eat that. @ckreef doesn't eat beans either. Well I guess he eats a couple of them, but I love all kinds. This is a great Entry. And as for challenging your self in cooks you would never do, works great for challenges.
  8. I love meals without meat sometimes. And being a Catholic also, I always enjoy Lent which is a special season. Love your meatless "Bean" Challenge Cook. Great Entry.
  9. Thank you @KismetKamado def the Chicken is a plus on the Grill to add to the Pot. It kicks it up a notch. Looking forward to all the Entries. This will be a great Challenge and one that will be hard to vote on.
  10. When I was trying to decide what I wanted to make, I almost wanted to make something that beans was used as a paste within the meal...but been working longer days so cheap out on something more easy. So your burger would have been a good idea in my mind. Looks delicious. Great Entry.
  11. Love Sweet Potatoes. Your entry looks great. Never would have thought of this. Def a sweet and savory dish. Great Entry.
  12. Thank you @Ron5850. Very surprising but it really did. I will eat this again forsure.
  13. Thank you @Golf Griller, beans are kinda a starch we don't eat much here but I really enjoyed this dish. I know you got a good recipe up your sleeve. Looking forward to it.
  14. Thank you @ckreef. Def will. Mine was great as leftovers for lunch today. Hope you enjoyed yours.
  15. Thank you @len440. Was a good surprise on flavor. Hope you do try. It won't disappoint.
  16. This is my Bean Challenge cook Beans - Chicken with Gnocchi I love Gnocchi, so anytime I can fit them in a meal I do. First thing I did, I soaked the beans in water and put in fridge overnight. Ingredients: Got the Grill up to 325* and put Beans on for about 2 hours. Next I drain the beans, and added next ingredients. Next pic I added onions, and Diced Tomatoes. Let then cook bout 20 minutes. Grill Chicken Breast seasoned them with Italian seasoning and Garlic Powder and minced garlic and added it to pot. Which cooked bout 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I added Spinach and Gnocchi cook for bout 5 minutes more. Wish you could smell it at this point. Smells so good. It cooked down nicely. Cause I thought I added too much water, but in the end, the thickness was just right. Added Mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese for Serving. I def ate too much. This will be on my "make again list" Close up Shot Thanks for looking Skreef
  17. That looks delicious. We do a Pull Pork and Mac & Cheese here at home alot. One of our favorites. Great cook.
  18. Great cook..it does look like the grill is having a "Out of this World experience" lol. you improvise very well.
  19. That is a good looking Pizza. Yummy.
  20. Love this meal from John. Great cook. Just in time..
  21. Love simple meals like this. You hit it out if park.
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