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  1. Awesome cook... I rather had the Steak to Pizza. But you punt well with a great cook.
  2. Thank you. @Ron5850. Yes, this is a two night meal and left overs for @ckreef lunch next day. It's hard for me to drive a Big Truck and eat Lasagna, but it was good enough to try to figure it out...lol
  3. Agree with y'all. This country girl from the Peach State, grew up on Peaches my whole life. Was always my favorite, even when we would get them by the bushels and have to pit and clean and put in freezer for a year round of Peach heaven. Hated all the work as a kid but when my Mother served up Peaches for dessert. I was happy to have them. Great memories. Thanks for sharing your Peach cook @keeperovdeflameOne way I haven't tried.
  4. Thank you @Brick Pig "One dish meals" are great on the grills. Just remember, anything you can cook on or in oven, you can cook it in your Joe. Post your Lasagna cook when you make it for your Bride. I know she will love it.
  5. Thank you @KismetKamado. I think with a Lasagna is getting the Sauce just right.
  6. Thank you @ckreef. Not sure it stood up to "Mama" but I gave it my best with 5 Ingredients test
  7. Yes love homemade Lasagna. I like more Ricotta cheese but I held back for those picky eaters
  8. That was @ckreef provolone cook, but I did watch him cook it if that counts...lol..and yes he has been trying to take my Country card for years now..lol...but I'm stuck with this accent. Even Google can't understand me...
  9. Lol.. I do eat corn, but depends on how it was season. My favorite is @ckreef cream corn. It taste like home.
  10. This is my Challenge Cook I have Cook Lasagna on the grill.. Don't think I ever did one for a Challenge, so here goes. 5 Ingredients Hamburger Crushed Tomatoes Ricotta Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Lasagna Noodles Seasoning- Cilantro,Garlic, Italian, Basil, Oregano and Salt & Pepper Wanted to get my Sauce done early, so as the Flavors can come together. Cooked Hamburger and put in Sauce. Got it all Layer in my Dish Ready for the Grill @380* for 45 minutes. Haven't eaten today so I am hungry. Wow! I don't know bout y'all, but Im ready to eat....lol... can't believe how good it looks. Usually it looks a mess when I make them...ok maybe I am learning. Finally..... My Plated Shot Thanks for Looking Skreef
  11. When @ckreef put dinner on table and I fixed my plate and I sometimes eat corn(not always) so I didn't get any of the corn. Coarse @ckreefnoticed I didn't. So after a 5 minute discussion (lol) I ate some, and it tasted delicious. Great Entry @ckreef. Thanks for dinner.
  12. Wow! intense flavors going on in this cook. You got me at Dates. Love them. Great Entry @keeperovdeflame
  13. That right there would be a great meal right now. Going to put this on a shopping list, next trip to a store. Great cook. Loving these simple 5 ingredient cooks. Easily done on week nights.
  14. Great Entry. Looks delicious. Very colorful.
  15. Fine meal for Celebration. Great Entry. Love when a meal comes together with little effort. Great job
  16. What he said. They are full of fat. Outside of the duck looks delicious
  17. We heat soak a good 45 but I'm guessing it could be a question of how big is the grill? Bigger grills may take longer
  18. We love fruit glazes, preserves, dipping sauces ....etc with Tenderloins. Pork cops is also great with those sauces too. Great cook
  19. Love everything about this cook. Great Entry.
  20. What a nice surprise for your wife. Love bake spinach. I need to make one of them, one of these days. Nice Entry
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