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  1. Looking at that chicken reminded me 4th of July of my growing up days. Sounds delicious.
  2. Lol @Ron5850... I love to bake more than cooking a meal. Glad your wife loves my cooks. This cake roll was pretty simple. You should surprise her with one. Thanks for the thumbs up. I appreciate it.
  3. Stunning finish meal. My favorite one is chicken or a side dish of mushroom Paella. Great cook.
  4. Yes, you can't beat mom's cooking. Your dish looks great. Bet you made mom proud anyway.
  5. This plate looks so good. Def would enjoy that meal. Great cook.
  6. That meat looks like perfect grill perfection. Great cook
  7. Def have to check on that. I have the Prescott Family History. My great-aunt gave me the copy. The story as I know it, there were three brothers who came to America. One settle in middle Georgia, one in North Georgia and I believe the other settled in another State. . Could have been Arizona. Will get my copy to find out. Read some of it. Need to read the rest. A very thick copy.
  8. Thank you @shuley. The next challenge I have no idea....lol
  9. Thank you @buckleybj. Desserts are my true calling on a Kamado.
  10. Thank you @KismetKamado. Desserts are most enjoyable cook for me.
  11. Thank you @mbellot. Maybe a Ganache. @ckreef loves Chocalate
  12. Thank you @Chris Topher. I wish I didn't have a sweet tooth.
  13. I know you are not a cake eater, but happy you appease me by trying. After you tasted this cake, I believe I converted you over to enjoy cake. One conversion at a time
  14. You live in Prescott,Az?? I should live there since my maiden name is Prescott. I love the view. Charles makes risotto often, have to try your version next time. Very nice Challenge cook.
  15. Awesome cook @philpomthis is a meal I like. There's no end to what you can stuff in a Pork Loin. Very nice Presentation.
  16. This is my Challenge cook Dreamsicle Cake Roll I always wanted to make one. Just never got the chance. It is a very easy cake to make. Glad I finally got the chance to make it. Ingredients First made the cake with 5 eggs into merangue. Folded the egg yolks, flour with merangue. Pour into a jelly roll pan. Baked it at *375 for about 35 minutes. I used coco char. As most of you know, this is my go to lump for bake goods. No smoke profile. While it cooled, I got the filling ready. Cream cheese,Marshmallow cream and Power Suger, Orange Flavoring and a bit of water to get the right consistent. The cake is ready and cooled. Now cover it with the Cream cheese filling. Rolled Cake and put in fridge to firm. Finally a Slice to see how well I did. My rolling technique could be better, but the flavor of this cake was delicious. The texture is a sponge cake. I Love this Cake. Def make this again. Maybe a Chocolate next time. Thanks for looking Skreef
  17. I really was "Scare for the out come of this cook", but Lord behold they tasted great. I will def eat these again @ckreef. Great job!
  18. Lol..a new movement has started...without cherries...lol... didn't have them, so not going to store anytime soon. Maybe next year...but thank you
  19. Guess I was bored. Been wanting one of these, and had all ingredients, had to make it. It looks as if not carmalized, but it tasted great. Thanks for looking Skreef
  20. This is my Appetizer Challenge Ingredients Homemade Garlic Parmesan Dough with Italian Seasonings. Made this Dough early...needed 1 hour rise time. Was able to use all Dough for this Challenge. Also we had Spaghetti for dinner. A bit of work but it was fun. Making the Pepperoni Bombs Dough, homemade sauce and pepperoni. Oops! Forgot the pic with Mozzarella Cheese on top. On the grill at 400* for 20 minutes Making the Bacon Garlic knots Used the big cuts of bacon. Next time, I'm using the thin slices. I think would be better. On the grill My Money Shot Served with Homemade Marinara Sauce Thanks for looking Skreef
  21. I guessing @philpom with all that seasoning. You had a very tasty cook.
  22. Wow! As a Georgia girl... Not sure I can handle that kind of cold. But glad you push forward to finish. That's a great use of pork. Love it.
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