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  1. I brined the leg quarters overnight in a mixture of apple juice, salt, pepper, garlic, and brown sugar. I rinsed the chicken off...patted them dry and then allowed them to air dry while I prepared the grill. I start my fire with a small paper towel sprinkled with vegetable oil...leave an open space in the middle of my lump...twist the paper towel and circle the open space with it...light it.....I used lump and cherry wood. I made a simple rub using whatever I had in the house...so it was a mixture of different seasonings. I pulled the skin up...separating it from the meat and placed the rub and a small pat of butter under the skin in various places around the leg quarter. The grill was ready...placed the chicken on...I had my smoking stone and an empty aluminum pan on it to catch the drippings. I smoked the chicken at 225 to 250 for 4 hours or so.....at the end I mixed several seasonings together and added some brown sugar to the mixture. I removed the smoking stone....brought the temp up to about 375....sprinkled the seasoning & brown sugar mixture on the chicken....returned it to the grill and basically seared the chicken allowing the brown sugar to melt and give the skin a crunchy texture. The chicken was really good and the skin was good too!!
  2. I just pulled these off....wonderful dinner tonight!!
  3. I didn't want to hijack another thread.....so, I am asking what measures I can take to make my Akorn last as long as possible? I keep hearing the word " rust" come up. I live in Florida....I live in a high humidity region. In the spring and summer months I do experience lots of rain....Tell me the measures I can take now to ensure my grill lasts a long time.
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