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  1. That looks really great. I like to make gumbo or jambalaya on New Year's Eve and watch college football. I might have to move it outside. You have inspired me to fire up the classic B for some classic cajun.
  2. You will never look back. I know I haven't!
  3. Let us know the final outcome. It looks like it's going to be an epic meal(s).
  4. I just saw this on their website: Piezo Ignition with built-in thermocoupler for safety
  5. Thanks for the idea for my next cook Tarheel. Carolina-style is the way to go! I gotta have chili on mine. Your sliders look great. I wouldn't be able to stop after 2 or 3 or.......Are you from the western part of the state?
  6. that looks really nice. You're going to have some options there.
  7. I like the idea of this, but worried it could fall thru if charcoal moved around. Was this a non-issue for you? Totally non-issue for me. It worked very well. I think I'm going to keep using it awhile.
  8. Did these on Sunday. They turned out great. The vent worked very well. If I have trouble with it sticking, I'll use some veggie oil.
  9. The fishbones grate worked extremely well on Sunday when I did some pork burnt ends. I didn't have time to try it on a long, long cook. I was happy with the results. Same principal, a little cheaper and the fit was great.
  10. Well my cook was postponed. Right before I went outside to start up, a good friend called as he was being taken by ambulance to the hospital. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. The good news is my buddy is doing much better tonight. Not sure how tomorrow is going to shake out but at some point I'll be posting pics of BBQ pork "burnt ends" and will let everyone know how the new vent works.
  11. Very nice. Do you know if the version you ordered has the smaller smoking adjustment? If so, I'd be curious to see how it fits your Classic B when you get it. The version I'm getting does have the smaller smoking adjustment. Vision sent it USPS free shipping. It should arrive next week. They told me it would fit so I'll let you know. They supposedly threw in an upper gasket, since mine was shot. I installed the new Pro-style CI upper vent and it fits the Classic B perfectly. After removing the adhesive with acetone, and scraping gently between acetone application, then I installed the new felt gasket. I pushed the new vent down into position. It's still not down all the way but this baby is definitely airtight. It has rained every day since, so no cooking until the weather cooperates. (one day, I'll have a covered area) I'm glad I ordered this new vent. Nice weather today. I'll have the vision out for some photos and do some cooking. Pics coming later.
  12. I'm definitely keeping it and I feel that it will help with airflow on low and slow(like the KAB?. I hope to do a low and slow this weekend, but we'll probably get more rain. I don't like the Vision getting wet. I'll post the results when I get it going again. if it's clear on Sunday, I may do some chicken quarters.
  13. Great advice on giving it a few more times. It's much easier to bring to the target temp slowly, then let it stabilize. Once the kamado is too hot, it's almost an exercise in futility to get it to drop to your desired temp. It takes practice but once you get it, you will be amazed at how well your Classic B will cook.
  14. I'll report on the fit tomorrow night. Rain, rain, rain today. Supposedly clearing skies tomorrow. Update: Clear today. This is a little close for comfort.
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