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  1. Well I noticed variations in temps from one meter to another. I prefer a meter that indicates Grill temp and meat temp. But I'm looking for a meter that is more on the professional end. I seem to be going through meters like rubs LOL. Being accurate with meats is my priority of course. So before I order another, I think it's time to get some input from the masters. Thank you
  2. I'm kinda new at this Kamado but have the fever bad. LOL Really love my grill or grills and looking at a lead on a Rocket ( no Tiles ) Black and a little in the rough stage. Now what is the scoop on the Galaxy Rocket? I read some blogs on this Kamato and some where negative. Most were tile issues on tiles. I love the looks of this Kamado would love to restore . Is this a diamond in the rough just a yard ornament.
  3. Restored my third Kamado all for use or for sale of course. Looking to manufacture a low cost fire box and I looking for a original label to replicate for the next Kamado is going to have the original colors right down to the label. I have my eyes on a older Galaxy Rocket that is collecting spider webs and needs to be rescued and back to grilling. But not sure if he will sell. If not I will have to steal LOL Not Really. Here is the latest Happy Grilling
  4. Ok I want to put my 2 cents in. If it works don't fix it. But if you have OCD and it must be fixed then I say stay away from all adhesives, bonders, if it is sold in an auto parts store then don't use it. I recommend heavy gage wire, drilling a small hole on both sides of the crack add wire and twist tight. There is a Youtube video on Kamado fire box repairing with wire. I repaired a old fire box from an old Imperial Kamado. This box was in about 10 pieces and I used this method and it worked really well and no chemicals to taint your meat. Repairs to the body or lid that can be coated with a nice layer of smoke is ok. I always dry run for about 8 hrs. with a lot of smoke chips before I cook with meat. And this is just my opinion. Or you can fork out about $300.00 and buy a new one. Me? I rather spend it on meat and Rubs.
  5. I have restored 2 imperial Ks and one had a fire box that was all there but in about 8 pieces. I kicked around about bonds and decided drilling both sides of the cracks and using heavy gage wire twisted tight. The fire box is solid as a rock . Remember if the bond breaks down and gases off, Well? The fire box can't be covered by a layer of char like the lid. Use common sense when applying bonds, I suggest a heavy smoke meatless dry run to seal your repairs to the lid. YOUTUBE has a great video on repairing fire boxes with wire. Impressive.
  6. I love that Kamado, I'm jealous!!! What a score and you can't sell it. Fire that baby up and send us some pics
  7. Welcome windnsea 26, How is San Diego treating you? I lived in SD from 72 to 75, I was stationed at Miramar and lived in PB off Grand. I loved it there. Cooked my first Sheaphead on a Habshi. I miss the Scuba diving, Blacks Beach, well I miss SD. I live in Northern Ca now. Cook all my game,and fish on my Kamado. Well happy cooking and love your pics
  8. Welcome aboard Jake, nice Kamado, the only way to go. We all have one thing in common. We all love to eat.
  9. Great job, and great price.
  10. Yes you got it. A maverick 732 Redi Chek. I used this on my first cook, chicken breast with bacon wrap and this tool is must have. They were perfect. I bought a cast iron grate but after removing it from the box, it was broke. but the way it broke I thought this might be to my advantage? I can remove the broken section to add coal. So made a good out of a bad. Well time to prep the Turkey and brine for the big cook, can't wait. This will be my first Turkey on my K T. I will let everyone know the results.
  11. I have what I believe is a KT? It's a older Japanese Kamado. Did not see it on the list. I posted pics before and after pics. Please correct me if I am wrong, I'm a first time Kamado user. Thank you and happy cooking.
  12. Great job my friend, good looking family member. Can't wait for the cooking pics
  13. Wow that looks sooooo good. Thanks for the pics. I love the adjustable rack for your K. Happy eating
  14. Thanks everyone for the feed back. Well I purchase a electronic barbecue thermometer. It has a dual probe, one for the meat and one for the barbecue. I just have to take a course to figure how to operate it LOL It is pretty cut and dry after it is dialed in. It has a transmitter and receiver so it will alert you when the temp of the barbecue gets to hot or to cold, and tells when the meat is up to temp. The display always shows both ( meat and barb. ) temp al the time. So I will let everyone know how the turkey came out and if I am smarter than a thermostat. LOL
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