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  1. That is the next best thing to a covered patio. Sweet but pull that sucker out in t-storms!
  2. When I bought my BGE, the XL was just a rumor. I always find a way to get done what I need done buuuuuuut... How much freedom do you have with the bonus? They've opened the door to making changes so can you request a Big Joe for just $200 more and you'll get ALL the accessories too? To answer your question, I'd go large and then use that $300 to get the must have accessories.
  3. That's a strong list. Joe Rogan's podcast is pretty enjoyable too. I appreciate the educational tips as I almost never listen to anything constructive.
  4. I keep it in the pan and tented. It stays moist for sure but it also keeps me from getting anxious about it drying out from over cooking. I think your problem was that you didn't get it hot enough for long enough to turn the tougher parts into gelatin. It is all about texture not so much temp. I honestly have never probed my brisket but I will always probe a pork shoulder. I look for it to get nice and soft. I honestly think it's the hardest straight smoke cook in BBQ. Make the best of it and better luck next time.
  5. Brisket is the only low and slow that I wrap or at least "tent" to keep the moisture through the long process of getting it tender. I booted a bunch of 'em or rather made less than great briskets before I started tenting it. Love it.
  6. They are ABTs but my prep has a little variation. I use a whole pepper instead of half because it holds the filling (cream-cheese and sausage) better. I also toothpick a half strip of bacon over the top because I like the bacon to be completely crispy. When I wrap bacon and it overlaps, the covered part of the bacon doesn't crisp.
  7. Labor intensive but awesome. Here's my picture of the present Wifey wanted for her Bday:
  8. I have to agree. I clicked on it out of curiosity, but I'm glad I did.
  9. This is the only Cap made for the Vision. It's more utilitarian for sure but made to last and made to use as needed.
  10. It's still around 40 when you take shipping into the mix (and the shipping can be 25% of the ticket!)
  11. Sorry guys, it is misleading but it's only because it wasn't thought out. In my "nuts and bolts" head, I really was just telling the Vision people about having a better Chimney Cap solution for them now. I can't seem to edit it at this point without doing something major. Efincoop, I certainly hope you enjoy it and it enhances your Q. Best - Jack
  12. Next best thing to covered deck: Go to www.perfectBBQTEK.com to see the new pictures. This one fits better but, more importantly, goes on and pulls off much easier. Vision has coverage from the elements now!
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