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  1. Like the original poster, I recently aquired a sizable amount of pecan thanks to hurrican Jaoquin. However, just this weekend I scored several "logs" of 2 year seasoned wild cherry. Funny, the home owner felt I was doing him a favor by hauling it off. It's amazing how sweet this stuff smells. I'm vowing to never buy kiln dried wood again. I felt obligated to chunk some right away and test drive it in the Akorn on some loin backs and a meatloaf for lunches this week. Good stuff!!
  2. Just made a batch of carnitas this weekend myself,, your taco look very good!!
  3. Another cool thing about this recipe is you get bonus meals. The leftover stock tastes fantastic!! I stuck two quart bags of it in the freezer. Once cool weather hits we'll add some veggies and noodles for some killer soup!!
  4. With all the wet weather today, I decided to jump into this. I did however make some tweaks based on my household. First and foremost, my wife doesn't eat pork so I swapped boneless skinless thighs. I left all the fat on and it actually made a good boudin. I also left out the liver. I was going to put it in, but the store didn't have any out in the cabinet so I took that as an omen. The only other tweak was substituting Anaheim's for the serrano's. I have to say,,, these dudes were pretty darned good. Nice and creamy, and just enough spice. Thanks for sharing the recipe Smokehowse!!
  5. Oh this is sooo going on my to-do list,,, thanks for taking the time!!!
  6. Saved this one for future use,, thanks Brother.
  7. I'm up near Greenville in a "Mayberryish" town called Williamston. Nope, not yet. I used to be a stick-burner with a patio offset smoker, now I'm using the much more forgiving UDS. Waiting for the right deal on a kamado to come along. Based on finances, I expect it will be an Akorn when it happens.
  8. Looking forward to being a part of your site and learning some new techniques - Jay
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