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  1. windnsea26

    Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?

    Sometimes I wish I had the BJ but opted for 2 Classics and a Jr. I find myself actually using the Jr a lot when making small meals. When friends/family come over, definitely use at least 2.
  2. windnsea26

    Kamado Joe Jr Charcoal Consumption

    This actually happened to me last week when I cooked a beer can chicken. Good advice!
  3. windnsea26

    Thinking of getting Joe Jr

    Got it yesterday morning for $250 brand new.
  4. windnsea26

    Thinking of getting Joe Jr

    Thanks for the advice on the firebox. If this qualifies for warranty since it's technically new I will most likely get it.
  5. windnsea26

    Thinking of getting Joe Jr

    So I stumbled across a Joe Jr I can get for pretty cheap. Brand new for $250. Should I go for it? I just got the other classic last week so I am still on the fence.
  6. windnsea26

    Finally got 2nd Joe Classic

  7. windnsea26

    Finally got 2nd Joe Classic

    Finally received the parts to complete my Joe Classic II. I have to remove the bottom band eventually though cause one of the bolts broke off when I over tightened it. I will probably add the side tables then too since I also forgot to install those screws probably from all the excitement:)
  8. windnsea26

    table almost done

    Are you going to put anything between the pavers and your grill?
  9. windnsea26

    table almost done

    That look's really nice.
  10. windnsea26

    New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    Hey guys, I have the new gasket removed from a broken 2017 Joe Classic. Gasket is new, never used but I want to install on my 2013 classic. Can I just remove my old one and use the Rutland stove gasket cement? I got that idea from the Naked Whiz site. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/rutlandgasket/gasket.htm
  11. windnsea26

    Costco Roadshow prices for 2017 Kamado Joe

    For those in San Diego, they are scheduled to be in San Marcos tomorrow.
  12. Because it was new and never registered he was able to call in and register the grill. I'm happy for him. Someone won it and sold it on Offer Up. They were asking for $700 but my buddy offered $500 which I thought was fair and she took it. He just ordered the heat deflector/rack. Anything else he should get?
  13. windnsea26

    Classic 1 vs Classic 2

    For the $120 price difference I would get the newer one. New one has: New air lift hinge New firebox (when yours cracks, you'll get new one later so not sure if this one matters) New Latch and gasket New top for vent control
  14. He was looking for a Kamado Joe or Green Egg but I stumbled upon a new Primo Round for $500. Not a bad grill I must say.
  15. windnsea26

    Would you do this?

    I finally got everything ordered yesterday. Took long enough. Base was $195 Dome was $150 Free shipping through shoppers choice.com Can't wait to put it all together. New classic cost me just under $350. I was going to buy a Big Joe but since I'll have two classics now I may wait.