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  1. I was at the KJ roadshow here earlier this week. The rep said they were sold out. And offered to have me buy one and they would ship it to the house as part of the deal, no extra costs. The rep said he has also loaded the Joe's in all sorts of vehicles. Even a big joe out of the crate will fit in the back of an suv.
  2. That looks good, might have to shorten it a bit to fit under the dome, but it has potential.
  3. Has anyone found a better grate system for the K24? I know the current grates being like 20.5" is an odd size. My issue with them is you can't really do stacked smoking with those little feet in the way. You can but you really have to work around them. I have seen the BGE extended rack system with the outside diameter lift system and it really is mush better than having those little feet in the way on the PB.
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