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  1. Stuffed crust Poutine pizza, and a cheese and pepperoni for the timid diners.
  2. As I said earlier, just beautiful, but-you gave up Sabre tix for THAT! Great move, horrible season. Fabulous set-up!
  3. Many congrats! Expect to to see some smoke heading south over my house soon. Beautiful set up.
  4. One of my very favorite meals. I also separate them before I grill them, but who cares? Dammit, you nailed it!
  5. Personally, I just feed it or use it every day. On occasion, like going out of town, I will put it in the refrigerator. Even an occasional lengthy cold spell shouldn't hurt it, a day or two of feedings aught to bring it back. Once they are established, they are pretty hardy. When I lost mine last summer, it took the better part of a week at warm temps to develop nasty bacteria cultures. And if it ever gets too sour for your taste, discard all but a tablespoon, and feed that.
  6. For quite a few years, the bulk of my baking has been sourdough. Midway through the summer, due to busyness and laziness, I allowed my starter to perish . Since then I have been baking with -horrors!-commercial yeast! For the past 2 weeks I have been establishing a new one, which seemed lively enough today to rise a loaf of bread. This is the result, looks and smells fine. Now I can do all of the baking like pizzas, croissants, cinnamon buns, and anything I care to, with sourdough.
  7. Congrats, youngster, made 30 last month. And I concur with your sentiments. Again, congratulations.
  8. IkeKey- the soak lessened the salt but didn't eliminate it. However, I like salt. The flavor profile was slightly salty, with heat from the rub, sweetness from the liquid, and good overall smokiness.
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