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  1. I think finding the correct setting for the exhaust is the key. I choked mine down a bit since it does not have numbers, and the temp was a lot steadier.
  2. Hey Seattle Guy, Any updates running in Auto-Tune mode? have you found it to work more accurately than the new listed parameters? I bought the 1615 and used the new and improved parms and it was still running a bit on the hot side. Maybe it will learn after a few uses. We'll see.
  3. Ask and ye shall receive. I used some of the expanded metal I used for the bottom grate and bent it in a circle. I used tin snips to cut the connections to make the feet. I twisted some steel wire to connect it. This was done quickly as saw it was going to have some issues breathing, so I did a quickie job on it. I will probably weld up a more permanent solution this winter, when I get some time. The first shot is the tube upside down, just to see how it looks. Here it is on the bottom grate. And finally with some lump loaded for the next cook. I will
  4. I have gone to the dark side and purchased a sous vide from Anova. It makes grilling meats idiot proof. I can sous vide a steak at 130°F for a couple hours and get the grill piping hot. A quick 2 minutes per side and I have a perfect medium rare steak from edge to edge with a nice sear on the outside. Here is a 42 ounce porterhouse steak that was seasoned with Tatonka Dust and 3 tabs of butter. It went into the SV for 2 hours then removed. It spent 2 minutes per side for the sear. Perfect all the way to the bone. For burgers I don't recommend any leaner than 85/15. I have sta
  5. Thanks guys. I did use lump for the beef rib cook. I have found if I am going fast and hot for grilling, I use briquettes and they work just fine. If I have to go low and slow for smoking, I reach for the lump.
  6. Hi Guys, After reading and hearing so many good things about the Kamado style cookers, I decided to give one a try. I went with the Akorn as ya'll know it's the most economical way to try this type of smoker/grill. I bought the Akorn at Wallyworld and after assembly and a nice hot burn in, it is time to cook. For the maiden cook, I went with a pork tenderloin seasoned with Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub. It is one of my favorites on pork and poultry. I dumped in some Kingsford briquettes and got the cooker up to temp and added the PTL. In short order the PTL reached the desire
  7. New guy from Las Cruces, New Mexico. While I am new to Kamado cookers, I have been around various watt burners, Weber kettles, offset smokers, etc. This place is chocked full of great info. I already read through the MODS thread and made my CG Akorn seal up much tighter. I have only done a couple cooks on the Akorn, one was a pork tenderloin that was grilled, and a rack of beef plate ribs done low and slow.
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