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  1. Looks great. Excellent photography!
  2. Tarheel


    Sounds really good. Was the duck significantly fattier than a chicken?
  3. Brisket is a tough cook to try as a first cook on a new grill. You didn't mention your overall level of experience, but if you're newer to outdoor/Kamado/charcoal cooking that makes it tougher still. I suggest following this up is up with some easier cooks. Pork shoulder for pulled pork BBQ is pretty forgiving, and very satisfying. Chicken, burgers, etc. Get a better handle on the ins and outs of your cooker before you do your next brisket. Try John Setzler's smoked meatloaf. It's a simple cook and tastes fantastic. John has a slew of cooks on you tube and the KJ website, spend some time watching those, you'll learn a lot, plus they're great recipes too. And don't give up, you bought a great cooker. With a little experience you'll be cooking fantastic meals.
  4. Tarheel

    First Brisket (Thanksgiving)

    Brisket first time for Thanksgiving? Fearless!
  5. Tarheel

    Belated Thanksgiving Post

    How much better did the heritage bird taste compared to typical bird? I've tried heritage (Berkshire) pork chops and pork belly and the difference was amazing, much, much better taste than grocery store pork. Just wondering if heritage poultry enjoys the same degree of improvement.
  6. Tarheel

    Smokin Stone caught Fire

    Gas grill method would probably work. But in the future I would use foil or drip pan depending on fat content of what you're cooking. For really fatty items like a pork shoulder use a drip pan, for a steak or chops use foil. I find these methods simpler than constantly doing burn offs.
  7. Tarheel

    I'm back! Mass Turkey Cook!

    Turkey looks great. What's that netting wrapped around it on the grill?
  8. Tarheel

    Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

    John, how'd they taste?
  9. Tarheel

    Brine then marinade?

    I would do one or the other, but not both together. I cook boneless, skinless thighs all the time and have never felt the need to brine them. They're plenty juicy as long as I don't overcook them.
  10. Tarheel

    Kamado Joe @ Costco

    I like to stock up on KJ charcoal at their Costco roadshows, but sadly by the time I realized they were at my local Costco last week they had sold out of lump :( I think most of us know you can go to the Costco special events page and search for their show there, but this is a bit of a pain as you need to check multiple stores, and weed through the multitude of vendors you have no interest in. But what I just realized is the Costco web site also has a Kamado Joe vendor page, which just lists the various KJ roadshows going on around the country - much easier and convenient to use! Just wanted to share...
  11. Tarheel

    Lump charcoal

    When I've used RO I've noticed a distinct taste. Not an off taste, just a different taste compared to others I've tried. As others have pointed out it tends to have a lot of dust and slivers to small to use. My favorite is Kamado Joe lump, I load up at the Costco road shows. B&B Oak from Academy Sports is good if you live in the south, worth trying to see if you like it.
  12. Tarheel

    Keep it simple ribeye

    Looks fantastic. I've got a ribeye cap steak I'm looking forward to cooking later this week, I hope it turns out as well.
  13. Yes, me too. Ancient iPhone 5s here. Will upgrade this fall after the new releases. The biggest problem is it's so sloooow...
  14. Tarheel

    6lb New York Roast

    Looks like it will be delicious.
  15. Tarheel

    Smoked Cheez Its

    How'd they taste?