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  1. Tarheel

    Any help with salmon?

    Regardless of how you season the salmon, try cooking them on grill grates. I love the hatch marks, and it's easy to flip using the grill grate spatula.
  2. Tarheel


    Yup. The best I've used.
  3. Try Founders All Day IPA. Great tasting session IPA, seems like a reasonable compromise.
  4. Tarheel

    Beef Short Ribs - First Try...

    Look great, definitely making me hungry.
  5. Tarheel

    Still Here

    I view using safari on my iPad, is there a better method? I used tapatalk a lot as well.
  6. Aura is having a "moving sale" on some items. I just purchased an Aura "Prozone" scratch & dent for 42.25. The pro-zone is basically a cheaper version of the KJ divide & conquer. Use the code "MOVINGDAY" at check out for a 35% discount. Not sure how long the sale lasts. I already have a D&C, and I'm not sure what kind of shape a scratch & dent version will be, but at least I'll be able to use the extra half grates. Click here.
  7. Tarheel

    My Latest Rib Roast Video (Christmas 2017)

    Nice cook Larry. Took me a while to figure out the fireplace was really your TV...
  8. Tarheel

    A Restaurant Ruined My Life

    That is one sad story... yikes!
  9. They look good. I'm still using the warped originals, toying with what to do. I'll probably follow your example.
  10. I'm planning my Thanksgiving turkey cook, and am undecided on whether to spatchcock it or use the a Joetisserie. Thoughts?
  11. Tarheel

    Taking a loin for a spin

    I'll need to try that, I struggle to elevate pork loin above a bland "ok" taste sensation.
  12. Tarheel

    Pork tenderloin

    Looks good, pork tenderloin is always a favorite.
  13. Tarheel

    Matambre De Cerdo

    Pork flank steak = pork belly, right?
  14. Tarheel

    Medium-Rare Sirloin

    That looks really, really good.