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  1. That does look really good. I've always heard kamado cheesecake was A+, I need to try it sometime.
  2. Tarheel

    Salmon Pizza

    Looks good. If it gets distributed in your area, for a really good session IPA try Founders All Day IPA. It's my every day go-to beer now.
  3. For Valentines I decided to cook up Emeril Lagasse's crab crusted filets recipe along with prosciutto/cream cheese wrapped asparagus and some red skin mashed potatoes. The filets: The crab meat: Asparagus: Searing the filets: Crab meat crust added: Back on to the Kamado with the asparagus: The table: Finis:
  4. Tarheel

    Baked Apples a la mode

    @ckreef Looks good. About how long to they take at 350? Is this something you would cook after the entrée, or would you cook it with the entrée? In other words does it need to cool while you were eating the entrée? Thanks!
  5. Tarheel

    Old Standby Delivers Again!

    That's a miniature broiling pan out of an old toaster oven, works really well for meat loaf on the kamado.
  6. Tarheel

    I'm baaaaack.

    Welcome back, burger looks tasty!
  7. Nice warm weather called for my second cook of the week. Decided to do one of my favorite kamado cooks, an old standby that has never let me down: smoked meatloaf. If you're reading this and have never smoked a meatloaf then you need to try it, soon. Without a doubt one of the largest improvements vs. conventional cooking of just about anything I can think of. I pretty much followed John's recipe, except increased the soy sauce and added a TBS Worcestershire sauce.
  8. Tarheel

    Ribeye Cap Steak Cook

    Yes, much easier to cook unfurled. I had previously cooked one rolled up and it was trickier getting it cooked properly. The only thing I'll do next time is to make sure I slice it across the grain, this time I think I sliced it with the grain. However, not that big a deal, it was still extremely tender.
  9. Free time and warm weather finally aligned to allow for a cook! Pulled a prime ribeye cap steak (Costco) out of the freezer and gave it a go. It was tied into a hockey puck shape with butcher's twine. I decided to remove this and cook it like a more conventionally shaped steak, figuring this would create more surface area for my rub and for the maillard reaction. Dry rub was sea salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, parsley and smoked sea salt. Served with mashed yukon gold potatoes and a salad. Tasty!
  10. Tarheel

    Huge ribeye well done - ha

    Making me hungry...
  11. Great cook. For a twist try ckreef's BBQ sauce, it's outstanding!
  12. Tarheel

    Bella’s 9th birthday grill

    Happy birthday to Bella! From the title of your post I thought you were giving a 9 year old a grill for her birthday. I thought, "how cool, I wonder which one?"
  13. Thanks, I had no idea they sold these on Amazon, or that they were even available.
  14. Tarheel

    Prepping for New Year Eve grill

    Looks good. How many pounds is the brisket?