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  1. I agree, KJ is very neutral tasting to my palette. RO is the brand that has a distinct taste in my opinion, not bad necessarily, but I can pick it out.
  2. I'm jealous of your man cave party deck. Very nice!
  3. Kiln shelves work well, and are available in various sizes, full rounds and half rounds. https://www.euclids.com/index.php?cat_id=152
  4. I would try rigging up something similar to the Vision bracket they sell with the Vision lava stone. You wouldn't need it to stretch all the way across the grill like the Vision bracket, but just come out far enough to catch the edge of the stone. Failing that, it looks like Vision sells the stone & bracket for your model online for only $24.99. You could just buy that, use it until the stone breaks or gets gunked up, and then replace the stone while continuing to use the bracket. At the same time you could buy a half round stone from Euclids and use that for those times when you're doing a two zone cook (steaks, etc.). The half round will work with the Vision bracket. In my cooking i probably use a half round by itself more than I use my two half rounds together.
  5. Kiln shelves work well: https://www.euclids.com/index.php?cat_id=152
  6. You might find something here: https://www.euclids.com/index.php?cat_id=152 I don't care for the Vision lava stone as its porous surface collects fat drippings, it also breaks easily.
  7. I would watch the videos on the Vision web site for tips on starting out. The Kamado Joe site has a lot of good recipe videos.
  8. No need, they will come out great without.
  9. I have a Vision Classic B with a Kick Ash basket, and use an electric starter all the time. Just work it down into the charcoal and turn it on. You can determine where the fire starts by your placement of the electric starter. For example, if I'm doing a two zone cook I'll put the starter down in the charcoal on the direct side of the basket, leaving the charcoal under the half moon diverter unlit. I like the electric starter because it's probably the most inexpensive way to start your coals, and very easy. Just be sure you have a safe place to put it when you pull it out.
  10. I ate chopped pork at a BBQ place in NC last night and it was incredibly bland, no smoke taste at all. Forces you to douse it with tons of sauce. Hush puppies were good though. But I'm like most here, when I eat out (which is seldom) I order entrees I don't cook at home myself. I've yet to eat BBQ, steak, pizza etc. out that's better than what I can cook myself. Well, very seldom anyway.
  11. Do you smoke the twice baked potatoes during the initial baking of the potatoes, or on the second reheat after you've added all the ingredients?
  12. @lunchman so how did you do the stuffing? Seems like stove top would probably work. Did you cook the sausage first? Thanks! Cool cook.
  13. BGE is a fine product, if you think the features are a better fit for your cooking go for it!
  14. Thanks guys. I just ordered the one off Amazon Jose recommended. It can't come soon enough, in just the few days since my original post my OEM Vision grill cover has disintegrated even more, it's really hit its expiration date.
  15. Your post makes me think I need to pull out my Adam Perry Lang cookbook and start using it!
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