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  1. I agree. Try some KJ Big Block or some FOGO. You can get both through Home Depot and many other retailers, both physical and online.
  2. Love it, takes me back a few years!
  3. Kev, in what way does it not fit? Might be helpful if you post a picture.
  4. Enter here: https://wn.nr/66rnLk Sorry for the funky URL but that's what it is. This is what you can win: 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive: ($3,951.92 value) 1 PK Grills PK300 ($599 value) Includes: PK300, Cart, Side Shelf 1 ThermoWorks Ultimate Grilling Bundle ($425.96 value) 1 Thermapen® ONE, 1 Smoke X4, 1 TimeStack, 4 Probe Spools, 1 Extra Large Storage Case 1 Snake River Farms LUX Grilling Bundle ($377 value) 1 SRF Gold Tomahawk Steak (bone-in ribeye) approx 2.5 lbs, 2 SRF Black Filet Mignon 8 oz, 2 SRF Gold Manhattan NY Filets 8 oz Shun Cutlery ($464 value) 1 Shima Natural 4pc Steak Set JK Adams Cutting Board Package ($393 Value) 1 Maple BBQ Carving Board 24x16, 1 Professional End Grain Maple Board 16x16, 1 Maple Serving Tray with Slate Insert FOGO Charcoal ($91.90 value) 2 Premium Lump Charcoal 35 lbs
  5. The last time I bought charcoal was 3 years ago when I stocked up on Kamado Joe Big Block at a Costco KJ road show, I think it was $22 for a 40 lb. bag. I'm starting to run low so I'm looking around and I feel like Rip Van Winkle. It looks like KJ Costco - road shows have been discontinued and the best price I can find is 25.99 at Home Depot for a 20 lb. bag. I'm just curious if anyone is finding a better price than this, and if so, where? And am I correct in assuming the KJ road shows have been discontinued? Thx!
  6. I do mine indirect at 375 - 400. I also place a pan of veggies (usually quartered potatoes and onions)under the chicken, with an air gap between the veggies and the diverter. The veggies are divine cooked this way.
  7. Sure looks good, both the meal and your deck! There's too much pollen in my yard to try anything similar, hopefully soon though. Interesting how you slice the rib eye before serving. I do that with NY Strips, but have never done it with rib eye. I'll have to try it next time I grill a rib eye; it makes quite a difference with NY Strips.
  8. Really? That's a shame. I get mine at the local Costco which always seems to have them in stock.
  9. John, those look fantastic. You're making me hungry!
  10. That looks fantastic. Flank steak is one of my favorites, such a wonderful beefy taste. When cooked properly few steaks taste better.
  11. Yep, my gasser was gone from the premises within a few months of Kamado acquisition! Chops look great!
  12. Thanks for posting. As others have said how it tastes matters way more than how it looks. I like your idea of using the balsamic vinegar, I think I'll give that a try too.
  13. Yep, smoked meatloaf is one of my favorites. Tasted twice as good as oven cooked. Try John's recipe sometime, it's a favorite of mine.
  14. Cooking for a crowd is something I usually botch, but here are my suggestions based on those botches! I would build the fire across the entire diameter of the big joe, and bring it to 400 degrees with lid closed. As you begin cooking you'll be opening and closing the lid frequently and all that oxygen will drive your temps even higher. I would not use heat deflectors. Lid closed except for when you're flipping the burgers, putting on cheese, etc. If you leave the lid open the fire will get away from you. Cheese usually melts in 60-90 seconds under these conditions for me with the lid closed. Be glad you don't have a griddle, if you tried to cook that many smash burgers the amount of fat rendered would be unbelievable and would make cooking very difficult IMO. However, if you have grill grates you could use the flat side as a griddle and the slots would take care of the grease build up. I hope this helps and good luck with the cook!
  15. I agree, KJ is very neutral tasting to my palette. RO is the brand that has a distinct taste in my opinion, not bad necessarily, but I can pick it out.
  16. I'm jealous of your man cave party deck. Very nice!
  17. Kiln shelves work well, and are available in various sizes, full rounds and half rounds. https://www.euclids.com/index.php?cat_id=152
  18. I would try rigging up something similar to the Vision bracket they sell with the Vision lava stone. You wouldn't need it to stretch all the way across the grill like the Vision bracket, but just come out far enough to catch the edge of the stone. Failing that, it looks like Vision sells the stone & bracket for your model online for only $24.99. You could just buy that, use it until the stone breaks or gets gunked up, and then replace the stone while continuing to use the bracket. At the same time you could buy a half round stone from Euclids and use that for those times when you're doing a two zone cook (steaks, etc.). The half round will work with the Vision bracket. In my cooking i probably use a half round by itself more than I use my two half rounds together.
  19. Kiln shelves work well: https://www.euclids.com/index.php?cat_id=152
  20. You might find something here: https://www.euclids.com/index.php?cat_id=152 I don't care for the Vision lava stone as its porous surface collects fat drippings, it also breaks easily.
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