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  1. You need to check out The Butcher's Son on Yonge Street. they do custom cuts, dry age and have extremely good quality.
  2. Fire braised lamb shank, potato mash, portobello mushroom pan sauce.
  3. Tonight's dinner is a prime grade filet that was seared, then finished in the smoker and served with a roasted potato medley, a pea puree and a shaved asparagus salad.
  4. My Valentine's take on a classic Oscar. I replaced the beef filet with a Chilean sea bass and replaced the lump crab with whole lobster claws. I served this with asparagus and a wild rice pilaf topped with a classic Bearnaise. Unreal flavors!
  5. Grilled lobster tail, sauteed spinach, couscous and a classic Bearnaise.
  6. Mryon Mixon cooks hot n fast with green (fresh) peach wood. I've never tried it though.
  7. He'd get better flavor if that rosemary was down in the pan rather than on top of the steak.
  8. Aaron Franklin's book explains it this way. (this is the cliff's notes version) Beef requires an actual flame for the maillard reaction to take place. You just don't get that with smoldering coals during a low temp kamado cook. You can try two things: A ) Turbo cook the brisket. The higher temp will have a better possibility of an actual flame. B ) Start off at a high temp (400F maybe) for approx 30 minuted before shutting it down to slow the temp.
  9. http://www.kickashbasket.com/store/product-detail.php?product_id=5
  10. Pan seared scallops, sauteed green & yellow squash, zima tomatoes with creamy carrot sauce and beet root puree.
  11. Seared sea bass on a thick cut soap stone served with a crispy potato medley, carrot puree & snow peas.
  12. Quarter pound prawns served with a creamy jalapeno sauce and a carrot & butter pea couscous.
  13. Grilled octopus, fish stock taters and sauteed snow peas.
  14. Great meeting you John! I enjoyed the conversation and stoked that you liked the cookies!
  15. This recipe was inspired by Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich: peanut butter, bacon, banana. This is a grilled banana cookie dough that's been deep fried, topped with a peanut butter glaze and smoked candies bacon. This recipe won the Nationtal Big Green Egg EGGtoberfest 2016. I had a hard time copy and pasting the whole recipe here so click HERE for the full recipe.
  16. C'mon on by! Won't know where we are until the night before but I'll try to post the booth location here. Big Green Craig, looking forward to tasting your food! See you there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Definitely! It's gonna be a circus. We'll be easy to see! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  17. Father's Day 2016 is in the books. We had a large crew at our place with 4 Dads in total. They enjoyed cedar planked wheel of brie topped with granny's wild blackberry jam, St Louis cut pork ribs, beef plate short ribs, smoked mac & cheese, smoked collards and a grilled nanner pudding. Lots of happy people! Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!
  18. Started off with a 25 oz porterhouse. Seasoned it with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. Smoked it. Seared it. Ate it. It was delicious.
  19. I was thinking about doing a pork shoulder. I think they have a basket attachment too.
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