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  1. Gassers for years, but i've lent him my old WSM for the past couple years and he's enjoying it. The KJ will take him to a new level - he's been interested in mine to say the least. Wish we could have gotten him a Big Joe, but if he decides he needs something bigger, he can always sell the classic and trade up.
  2. He's more than deserving. Something he'd never buy for himself but covets. He's going to be a pretty happy guy.
  3. Might be a dumb question, but what the hey...Can anyone confirm that the D&C, heat deflector, ash and grate tool are all in the box when purchasing a Joe (Roadshow or otherwise)? I assume so, but just picked a Classic up for my dad for his Christmas gift and just want to be sure he'll be set up with everything he needs. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, I finally got around to getting my table finished - well still finishing - for my Big Joe and now cannot find the ceramic feet to purchase anywhere. Anyone know of a dealer that sells them that ships? Thanks in advance! Best, Jake
  5. This is awesome and could be (yet another) game changer for KJ. If they've found a solution to cracked fireboxes then that, along with the D&C system really continues to solid their place at the top among the best brands out there. Looking forward to your assessment and testing, John.
  6. Are you referring to the Stubb's briquettes? If so, I think they've just changed the color of the bag. I use the briq's for my Weber for burgers/dogs mostly or for when I need extra grill space when the Big Joe is full. I love their briquettes for that application - smell so much better than the Kingsford blue bag.
  7. Have done multiple 22 hr + burns on my KJ Big Joe with some charcoal left. Not much, but could've gone another couple hrs maybe considering the heat the ceramics hold before dropping. No problems with airflow.
  8. I'm from the Upstate originally, and we had hash all the time. You're spot on with bbq pork, onions, sauce of some sort (lots of ketchup i would think), pepper of some type....not sure about liver, but could be I guess. From my understanding each cook's hash recipe is a closely guarded secret in SC. I know my grandfather used to make his own and wouldn't ever tell anyone his ingredients except for bbq pork. I would love to find out too...it's good eatin' for sure, but the memories it brings back are even better.
  9. well for me it was simple. I told my wife that there were many other things that I could be blowing my money on. I could be a gambler, a heavy drinker, smoker, golfer etc etc etc etc.... This is my hobby that I love to do. I do it because I love to cook for my family and friends. Life is too short and I agree with this logic more than anyone of you could understand. I still need the approval as well, but Mrs. Bosceaux has stopped fighting it, as she knows I love it and that the family benefits from this hobby!! Not to mention..... that black jr. is about to go extinct. Wait to long you may regret that decision for a very long time. OCD and matching colours seems to go hand and hand!!! Stinga love the PBJ reference to your post! Bosco - totally get it. But what if I am spending my money on all those other things you mentioned (drinking, gambling, smoking, etc) - Haha! Kidding. Seriously, though, I'm not one to let a few hundred dollars get in the way, however, we just had a very large couple of expenses (for us, anyway) in closing on our house and the new (used) work cart I bought. Timing is awful. I'm going to try and save a few bucks here in the next couple weeks and see if he still wants to sell it to me at the price he mentioned. Guy was selling Classics for 749 last weekend with all accessories. I tried my damnedest to get folks to go and buy to no avail. Wish I could've afforded one of those too! BTW my Big Joe is red - so a red Jr would be my preference but for the price he's offering me, I could deal with my OCD just fine.
  10. I have this same dilemma right now - I say yes. The spouse says no, "we don't NEED another grill". I say we didn't NEED the first. The kicker is I can get an AWESOME deal on a black jr right now, if she gave me the go ahead. I think it's a great deal. The same guy who discounts my KJ Lump for me, so I feel obligated to treat him right and not pass on his offers of discounts HAHA! So to the OP - yes, get it. Need vs. want, but you only live once. And in the grand scheme it's not a ton of money. Now if I can only convince the wife to agree with this logic...Any ideas?
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