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  1. Congrats on the purchase! You will love it! After I got my Big Joe, I ordered a Qtensils cover for it as the one that came with it was weak. KJ is a great company and the people from the owner down are awesome! FWIW, I got the half moon cast iron griddle and have been using it for burgers, scallops and a lot in between. Best of luck with it and enjoy! David
  2. I got the Innerflow Kamado cover for my Big Joe and love it! Fits well, breathes and is durable.
  3. I cured it by selling mine on eBay and buying this Qtensil brand. Works well. http://www.amazon.com/Qtensils-KQM-034-Innerflow-Ventilated-34-Inch/dp/B00KB8P37G/ref=sr_1_38?ie=UTF8&qid=1458915014&sr=8-38&keywords=kamado+cover
  4. I buy accessories online. The local hardware store in Woodstock, GA that carried KJ stuff has now gone to BGE. Shame on you Morgan's Ace HW.
  5. I have been using KJ lump for a awhile now and love it. I just bought some at a road show recently and the first two bags have been popping like mad! Sparks shooting out through bottom vent and crazy popping when I lift the lid. I hope all the bags are not like this. Also, found some string in the middle of the bag. Quality control issue? FYI, I love my Big Joe and would not trade it for anything. Not slamming KJ here, as I am a big fan.
  6. CC, that would be Jimmy Buffett, 1978, Cheeseburger in Paradise! Dave
  7. Just did 2 8 pounders on the Big Joe and they only took about half or less of the surface.
  8. I have an Explorer and had to remove it from the box and wedge it in piece by piece. That box is big!
  9. I went with the Big Joe as we tend to do multiple cooks for the week and reheat as necessary. Big Joe gives you the necessary real estate for that.
  10. You will be happy with the versatility of the Big Joe and the divide and conquer. Congrats on the purchase!
  11. In GA, prices were $779 for Classic and $1199 for Big Joe. Bundle included cover and firestarters. I went to several dealers and none would match that price. I contacted KJ directly and asked if there were any dealers that would be willing to match the road show prices, but they won't. It is worth the wait. I believe that I saw on this forum pictures from out West where the road show prices were the same.
  12. Thanks to you all. I fully know this is a sickness and I am okay with that. Funny thing was my wonderful Wife was pushing for the Big Joe. I am one lucky guy!
  13. Was there yesterday in North GA. JR was $399 I believe. Picked up a Big Joe for $1199.
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