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  1. I sliced the potatoes then put them in a ziploc bag with some oil, minced garlic, celery salt and paprika. Shook them up and let them sit in the bag for a half hour or so. Into a CI skillet and onto the Akorn @ 350-400 for about 40-45 minutes. Sprinkled a little parmesian cheese on right at the end. They ended up a little done on the top. Not bad for a first attempt though.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I picked up a second Akorn for our place at the lake. I figured I'd have to wait until the end of summer to catch them on sale. Now we can enjoy better food at the lake than my Weber kettle can produce.
  3. Stuffed these venison tenderloins with cream cheese and Jalapeno, then wrapped in bacon. On to the Akorn until the bacon is good and crispy and the backstrap ends up a perfect medium/medium rare. A little asparagus and potatoes to go with it. Not the glamour shots some guys post, but you get the idea anyway.
  4. You can put a slight bend in the latch to essentially shorten it. That should tighten the seal up. I had to do that to the first Akorn i bought. Actually I had to do it to the main latch and both of the ash bowl latches.
  5. First overnight smoke

    FYI, there is a 40% off discount going on for the TTT. I just bought my first one after seeing this thread and searched for a discount code. Use "Pats" in the discount box for 40% off. I ordered the TTT and the plate hangar spring for $25 with free shipping. Now I can't wait to give it a try. I've only tried one overnight smoke, and it was not a good nights sleep.
  6. All of the Walmart stores around me have them marked down to $247.00. In store sales tax might make them about the same price though.
  7. Pit Boss vs Akorn?

    Thanks for the info so far. I'd say 75%-80% of the time I'm grilling on the Akorn, and smoking the rest of the time. That said, does the Pit Boss do as well as a quick grill as it does for smoking? I can have my Akorn fired up and ready to grill within 20-25 minutes most times. Is the Pit Boss similar, or take longer to come up to grilling temps?
  8. Pit Boss vs Akorn?

    I've had an Akorn for the last 4 years. It's about done though. The rust is rendered it almost useless. I'm considering the new Pit Boss at Costco. Anyone owned both and care to make a comparison? I would assume the Pit Boss is a step up, but also at an increased price. I've tried to browse the threads here, but you can read yourself in circles with too much information. The Akorn obviously has a short life expectancy, any thoughts as to how long the Pit Boss can be expected to survive? ( stand, legs, hinges) Any thoughts are welcome.
  9. Durability of the Akorn

    My Akorn is on it's fourth summer. I'll be lucky to get through this year with it. The ash pan is in two pieces. The bottom lip of the main body is rusted pretty bad as well. The wire support that helps hold the ash pan in place rusted off last year. I love my Akorn, and love the food that comes off of it, but I was really hoping it would last longer. It was covered probably 75% of the time. When it gets rained on, water just sits in the area where the ash pan mates to the body. If they would have formed a little drip edge there to keep water from running in between the two pieces it would last a lot longer. The rest of my grill is in great shape. It seems like a shame to have to throw it away. A new ash pan would probably get me another year out of it, but that seems like a waste of money knowing the main body is not far from being unusable. Has anyone ever had any luck in getting Char Griller to send out a replacement ash pan? I don't have any receipts or anything any more. I love the grill, but I'm still in debate about buying another one, or jumping to a ceramic where rust wont be an issue in four years.
  10. Yeah, my wife was laughing too. I had just put a butt on and a light rain had set in for the day. I was looking around my garage for a coffee can or something to disect and put over the vent. I had that 6" elbow laying around and the light bulb went off when I saw it. Just had to cut a little notch for it to sit down over the vent handle. Now I keep it handy for any more rainy day smokes.
  11. Looks great. My foul weather cap is not quite so elegant, but it works.