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    jnc342 reacted to cmiller in This is why your pizza bombed   
    Update on my dough stretching issues:
    I did another pizza cook Saturday and used the 48-72 hour cold ferment dough recipe.  I also watched the Forkish videos about 4 times each before starting.  I mixed up the dough Thursday evening, folding it after 20 minutes and then divided it and placed it in plastic food containers coated in a thin layer of olive oil for the fridge.  I transported it to the campsite Friday after work in a normal cooler, and left it there on ice until around 2:30 pm Saturday.  I started making pies around 5:00 and the dough stretched just like I had hoped.  I also was able to launch them using only a well-floured wooden peel as shown in one of the Forkish videos.  Thanks to all of you that gave advice and pointed me to those excellent resources.  Sorry I don't have pics, but I get busy in the moment and never think to take any pics.  I had a blast.
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    jnc342 reacted to Nunyabiz in This is why your pizza bombed   
    I use about a 65-70% hydration dough, Kamado at 500 degrees and pizza as close to the dome as possible sitting on a 1" thick pizza stone and the peel covered in a thick layer of semolina flour so it slides right off like it's on ball bearings and gives a nice crunch to the crust.
    Pizza has come out perfect every single time for about 4 years now and I pretty much load up my pizzas with toppings.

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    jnc342 reacted to LargeRedJoe in This is why your pizza bombed   
    Pizza ovens - wood fired or otherwise - are typically very short and so there's a LOT of heat sitting in the top of the oven which cooks the top almost as fast as the crust.  That's one of the reasons why Antico's (and similar) can zip their pizzas to your table so quickly.  

    I can see where more hydration would be useful for pizzas cooked on Kamados.  
    On a related topic a deep dish pizza is a slow-baking cook; the high heat used in cooking thin pizzas will destroy a deep dish pie. 
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    jnc342 reacted to jark87 in Setzler's Charcoal Comparison   
    I was disappointed in my recent purchase of Royal Oak, as the charcoal pieces were really small. Rather than toss it, I decided to mix it in with some Jealous Devil, which would hopefully prevent the RO from falling through the charcoal basket. Take a look at how the fire burned on a 10 hour cook. Almost looks like only the RO burned with most of the JD still fully intact. The good news is that it lasted 10 hours at 240°, but I thought the way it burned was weird. Maybe it won’t be as easy to mix them as I thought.

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    jnc342 reacted to Charcoal Addict in Kontrol Tower Cleaning   
    Soak it in a tub of water and some PBW (pub wash) it’ll be good as new.
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    jnc342 got a reaction from Joe Windows in Big Joe Pizza   
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    jnc342 reacted to Joe Windows in Big Joe Pizza   
    Really happy with the results.  They were delicious.  I cooked at 750 degrees for about 2:30 min.  The only issue I had was with the parchment paper.  It disintegrated from the high heat.

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    jnc342 reacted to coolpapabill in First pizzas on new Kamado Joe Classic   
    Here are a few pictures of the first pizzas I've tried on my new Kamado. 
    Made the dough with the grandkids using Bobby Flay's pizza dough recipe.
    Crust was delicious and super crispy. Everyone loved them , not bad I
    think for the first attempt.

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    jnc342 reacted to John Setzler in Another round with Umai   
    I did another 14lb whole ribeye with the Umai bags... 35 days....
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    jnc342 reacted to Benm3 in 103 Rib Primal   
    Ok so here are the pics.  45 Days Dry Aged 103 Ribeye Primal.  This was the first time I had dry aged a ribeye with so much intact.  I now totally understand why the purveyors like Pat LaFrieda does it like this.  You get so much protection from the massive fat cap, it's incredible.  Notice how much of the Spinalis Dorsis in left intact and not dried up due to the protection.  


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    jnc342 reacted to AZMDTed in Umai bag in garage fridge   
    I took my Coscto Strip Loin out of the Umai bag yesterday after 30 days of dry aging.  It went into the bag at 13.6 pounds and came out at 11.3 pounds. I cut the steaks first then trimmed the bark.  Even with light trimming I had 3.25 pounds of bark. That’s okay though, a third of that is already simmering for Pho for lunch and the rest is in the freezer for more stock later.
    I was left with 15, 1” thick steaks about 8oz apiece that were dark red and firm.  I got the kamado to 600, seared each side for two minutes, then moved them over the divide and conquer space to come to proper temp.  Mine was medium rare and my wife’s was medium.  I tossed a chunk of hickory on the coals just before I put them on to get some added flavor.  
    They were very good.  Firm, but tender. No hint of funk, just good steak. I may try 35 days next time just because I can.  

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    jnc342 reacted to bbqboss84601 in Sous Vide Prime Rib   
    This was 12 hour prime rib Sous Vide seasoned with prime rib rub from traeger with added garlic and added rosemary.  Seared on the KJ Junior at nuclear, these are the results. Thanks 

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    jnc342 reacted to Beermachine in Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?   
    I have the Classic and Junior. With these combined I have no need for the Big Joe. I can fire both up at the same time and cook extra when needed but most often find myself firing the Junior. The good thing about 2 grills is that you can cook at 2 different temps at the same time and have the whole meal ready at the same time.
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    jnc342 reacted to Ben S in Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?   
    I now have all three sizes, and can say the bigjoe gets the least use.  When I started my Kamado purchasing fun, life was very different. I was cooking one big meal on the weekend and making enough leftovers for the week.  Now, life is different and the jr and classic get the most use depending on the task. 
    I dont regret tweet and of it.  
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    jnc342 reacted to John Setzler in Do any/all KJ Classic owners wish theyd gotten the BJ?   
    I have all three grills.  Most people will tell you that bigger is better and that its better to have more than you need rather than find yourself wishing younhad a bigger grill.  Having extensive experience on all three grills, if i could only have one, it would be the classic rather than the big joe.  I dont cook huge amounts of food often enough to justify the big joe.  I would definitely NOT want to fire up the big joe for most of the smaller cooks i do.  It takes longer to heat it up and stabilize it and it also uses more charcoal in the process.  If i was making this decision, i would base it onnhow often i thought i would need that much space.  If i needed it over 50% of the time the. I would buy it. If i needed it less than that, i would employ workarounds to get the job done on a classic.
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    jnc342 reacted to Addertooth in Cast iron half moon   
    I love my griddle!

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    jnc342 got a reaction from TKOBBQ in 30 day dry aged New York strip the finished product   
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    jnc342 reacted to Nunyabiz in My Verdict about Pizza Cooking Temps   
    I think if you play around with the height, get it close to the dome and during the last few minutes even close the top vent to trap all the heat up top you will be pleasantly surprised. 

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    jnc342 reacted to Nunyabiz in My Verdict about Pizza Cooking Temps   
    Actually, I get nice charred blisters like that almost everytime and never over about 500 degrees.
    You just need the pizza near the dome lid.
    So your research has failed you I am afraid as the best pizza I have ever had came off my Kamado.
    Just as good as any pizza oven ever dared to be.
    A pizza oven is just a bit easier to get certain pizzas cooked just right.
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    jnc342 reacted to SevenOaks in My Verdict about Pizza Cooking Temps   
    I started looking at kamado grills initially because I wanted a pizza oven and these looked like they could do it and be more versatile at the same time. But after a lot of research I've come to the conclusion that a kamado is not a good substitute for a wood-burning pizza oven. However, while doing that research I determined that it would be the perfect smoker for my needs and I just bought a Kamado Joe Classic this week and am very much looking forward to getting started.
    The reason some folks want to cook pizzas at 900+ degrees is these charred blisters. You can't achieve that without the ultra high heat. The char, the light, thin crust with a delicate crunch - it is awesome!
    So, I will be smoking briskets, ribs and pork butts and continuing my quest for a real wood-burning pizza oven.

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    jnc342 reacted to Spun in Pizza Baking accessory recommend   
    I have really enjoyed the cast iron Astogrils from the 30s. Crust turns out perfect. I use the stone for the oven and the cast for the grill.
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    jnc342 reacted to Disco Pat in Pizza Baking accessory recommend   
    I've always used cornmeal but at super high temps it catches fire. One thing that helps is using a wooden peel to place the pizza and a metal peel to remove it. 
    On another note, I just tried using a 3/8" steel plate for cooking pizza rather than a stone and I love how it turned out. Really crisp bottom crust with a nice puffy top crust. 

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    jnc342 reacted to phatmax in Using the Kamado Joe Cast Iron Wok   
    This topic is why I kept my old Stok grill with the open ring on the surface.  I have cheap steel wok that I drop in it and put over a heaped bed of super hot coals.  I do marinated korean meats, etc. in it.  It is capable of 600 degrees pretty easily.
    See attached image.  
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    jnc342 reacted to Smokehowze in Using the Kamado Joe Cast Iron Wok   
    That was a concern of mine also. So.. I planned it this way.. After deciding the wok was better located on the upper position of the X ring in order to get it further away from the fire, I stabilised the temp in Joe at just over 500 on the dome with no wok in Joe under typical closed lid cooking. Before we were ready to cook, we inserted the wok and closed the dome and let the wok come up to temp. It did not take very long. The infrared thermo was handy to check it. The wok temp pretty much stabilized at around the 700 degree mark in this particular situation.
    Then we proceeded with the cook. After opening the dome we significantly shut the lower vent to choke down air coming in directly at the bottom of the fire. Since the cook in a wok can be fairly quick, the additional heat of the charcoal as it gets new oxygen from the open lid helps keep the wok remain hot and regain its heat after food addition as well as it being cast iron. But, before it can heat excessively from the fire you are pretty much done with the cook in a stir fry type cook.
    For a longer steaming cook with a lot of liquid, I would supposed the dome could be closed to better control the heat over a longer duration.
    For a frying type cook that had a significant amount of oil in the wok I would be very concerned to do that on the Komado due to fire possibilities with the oil should it overheat plus the potential for the charcoal flames to wrap around the wok especially with a fire flare up. In other words, I think you have very little control of the situation if deep frying ... Significant caution here.
    For typical low quantity of oil cooks.. No real issues.
    Hope this helps. I am sure others on the Fourm with more wok cook experience and/or experience with a wok on a Komado could offer perhaps better or more critical insights on this and share their techniques/observations.
    Wok cooking on a Komado is a whole different environment is my first time out e box assessment with a whole new learning curve. As always ... Cook safe, my friends.
    And this is on a Classic. I suspect a very different dynamic on a Big Joe just due to the different sizes of the machines.
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    jnc342 reacted to divot1973 in Umai Dry Bags   
    My 35 day dry aged boneless ribeye. Turned out great. 15 pound choice primal from costco. 7.99 lb. 14 steaks. Cut like butter. About 2.2lbs of waste in shrinkage scraps. Cut up and vac packed for a later date.

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