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  1. Never thought of that that sounds like it would be awesome!! Thank you
  2. Good advice from everyone, I do like chicken indirect however my family (used to gas grills) prefers direct heat. Last time I tried direct I think my grill was around 400 degrees, unfortunately I was not getting very much smoke at that heat level. I will Try the indirect method again and see how it tastes! I think my problem in general is starting the fire and getting it heat up. How would you recommend starting the fire up in 5 places? 5 weber cubes? I also have an electric plug in starter if that is of any use. Also, by a full firebox, do you mean charcoal up to the bottom of the fire ring, or up even higher? Thank you everyone!
  3. Hey guys, I'm cooking on a bayou classic and love it, only problem is I am not used to cooking with charcoal and am getting very uneven heat with it. I cooked chicken a few nights ago and some where charred and some were raw. I tried to stir the fire prior to putting the grate on but maybe that was not enough? Also, I may not be using enough charcoal to maintain even hear. Typically I start grill with weber fire starter cubes which may contribute to the heat spots. Any tips for starting or cooking that will keep even heat?? I have heard a chimney starter but I am not sold yet. Thanks everyone.
  4. Just an update, I bought the kamado joe indirect system and it fits. Problem solved, $49 at Ace hardware.
  5. That looks like a great system! Anyone else find anything that works for bayou classic for an indirect heat set up?
  6. I got mine for under $300 new at lowes (bought the floor model that had some minor chips in glaze) so for that price it is awesome!
  7. Hey folks, I just purchased a bayou classic cypress grill from lowes (super good deal) and am excited to get into the kamado grilling scene. I wanted to discuss with others the best way to set this grill up for indirect heat. I know online that they sell a smoker grate and smoker pan.....what is this and does it work? The grate on the bayou classic website looks like just a normal grate that is not raised or anything. Also I have heart that the BGE plate setter will fit within the grill. Has anyone done this that can confirm it? If so, what size plate setter for the BGE fits the bayou classic grill? (Medium, large, XL). Thanks guys for the help!!
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